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I...I can't. shit!
My favorite part of the video was when used a strip of a t-shirt as the "control." Crappy old t-shirt received for free when a freshman signed up for a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card whilst strolling through the Brown U. quad = definitely real cotton. Simonnot Godard (established 1787) chambray, the price of which has been bid-up ridiculously by #internets #menswear #fanboys = melty polyester.
I have the same issue when I photograph some of my navy jackets. They look damn near black in pics. Odd.
I really like it. What construction did you opt for?The vets have been a bit mum about your combinations (maybe the issue is that the thread has utterly lost steam), but, to my eye, your combinations look great. New requirement for big tymer-hood: sending a bespoke suit to Diduch for him to rape it. *patiently waits for to send one of his LH 4 x 1's to Diduch* *keeps waiting*
Knit tie will definitely get sideways comments from people at the workplace. I recently purchased four of them to add to the rotation for spring. Quote from one of my partners: "So the sock tie is back, eh?"
Sergio Loro Piana's footwear selection is hella suspect. He gets a pass because his name has "Loro" and "Piana" in it.The now tasteful red stripe (not the Jamaican beer) take 2...
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