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Vox dazzles with his quickness. I predicted a week; he needed less than 24 hours. The collar is quite good, and he uses as a comparison the photo I posted a page or two ago.
@ scatterbrain - fire is not enough to kill that tie; I fear that the fibres will withstand the heat and the tie will continue to exist. If the world is unlucky, it will end up in teh Thrift Shoppe Bragging Threak, and possibly reappear here. To that end, this tie should be fed through a shredder, and the resultant pieces should be scattered across continents, if at all possible.
Not sure it strangles the pleasure of it.Sometimes we like something and don't know why - we just do.A lot of threads on SF (the good ones at least) attempt to describe what it is that's appealing so that it can be replicated and made a part of your wardrobe, if you so choose.
Actually, the stems make it 5ish. Bummer. Close to perfect.
This one (from vox's blog) is quite nice, and basically looks like #4 (*cough* the winner *cough*):
I'm now even more certain about 4. 4 is a bell: Smaller at the top, wider at the bottom - more pleasing to the eye, with a bit more drama and rakishness. 1 is a pear. Visually far less interesting. I commit the ultimate crime of buying OTR Extra-Slim BB OCBDs (it's the only non-bespoke shirt I buy), and, to make matters worse, I don't button the buttons. I just like them. *gasp* But, if I had a tailor with a trained hand who could concoct from scratch the...
This threak delivered before it was even an apple in Foo's eye. I'm predicting 100 pages (minimum). *votes* Also, I'm fairly certain Foo's choice is 4. There is no bell roll to 2, and Foo hearts the bell roll. 3 is a Borrelli-style Italian bastardization of the BB roll because it spreads, and a spread is no good. 5 is an abomination - among other things, stems show. 1 is the first one and the answer is rarely the first choice. Foo's ideal is 4 - I'd be willing to...
Spoo is the man. Always the first to big-up his brethren, from when Vanda started to now Ikire. He gets my vote for model citizen. Wale, I'll pull the trigger on a square soon.
Incredible. Lots of digital ink has been spilled about the clothing revolution taking hold among young Asian sartorialists (see: Vanda/Drakes/The Armoury) but with Marshall Anthony and now Ikire Jones there is a new success story; namely, that of young African American sartorialists. Just let me know when the PS's become available so I can pull the trigger. Good luck!
+2.Great example of utilizing various textures to nail the navy tie/navy jacket look, which many people fail at.
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