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Z, this looks awesome.
Simply awesome.
Uh oh. It's about to get 'acrimionious' again
JPH, keep posting. Your contributions have been excellent. Here is today's fit, with the dreaded white PS that I keep waffling on...
Was I the only one who saw "Frank" and thought "Shattuck", only to be thoroughly confused, because those were clearly not Shattuck specimens? As for Mariano, his shoulders are such that the LH shoulder expression is not ideal for him, to my eye. While it is a recognized/accepted shoulder expression, and Mariano may feel obligated to serve as a billboard for it, he might be better served by the shoulder on Luca's coats, which is quite different:
First he outed SG for using polyester, now he's outing NSM for using fusible. Carl, if you keep this up, you're gonna need full-time security detail.
BB used Supima instead of Supima oxford, so it's not gonna look right. Nonetheless, if it were offered in Extra-Slim, I'd order one just for the hell of it, but it looks like they're only offering "Slim" sizing for now.I will say though that I'm dismayed at the costumish horseshit the #menswear brands are trying to push to generate sales. I fear that there's not enough fire on earth to kill this blazer - it needs to be loaded onto a spaceship and flown directly into the...
Plz to bring x-ray analysis to the Ambrosi threak, complete with 360 degree diagrams of the way the 17-button fly and hand-stitched crotch seam gracefully swath the penis/testes of the wearer (nhjic).
Foo, even if the LH shoulder expression is a recognized one, don't you think it can look a bit off(?) The commenter who noted that this shoulder expression makes the wearer appear as if he has shrunk has a point. Here is another example:Generally, LH bespoke looks fantastic. In addition, this is a thread on NSM, so perhaps discussions of LH bespoke should be avoided entirely. Anyway. If my eye is seeing things correctly, Nay goes for a more narrow shoulder and thereby...
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