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Proof of a point I've made many times - clothing has no correlation to success. Zero. All it does is make you a well-dressed man (i.e., part of the "well-dressed club"). David Boies, one of the greatest litigators in the world, wears Land's End suits - an upgrade from the Sears suits he wore until quite recently. He wears hikey-shoes from Merrell. But he owns 8,000 bottles of wine: The...
This is awesome.The polka dot monstrosity must be a garment worn by his wife, Bessie (yes, that was her name: ).That pussy must have been magnificent if it was worth losing the kingship over. Magnificent!
That beard + awesomely receding hairline = I belong to secret clubs and know secret handshakes. Voat cast for stitch.
Did this happen(?)
No dimple in the shoulder of the chambray suit...flawless. A true visionary. Now all we need to do is get a scrap of the cloth from which this suit was cut and burn it...if it's polyester-free, he is indeed our savior.
OK but you utilize troll expressions so you might very well be an intelligent European with a solid grasp of English (like RDiaz) who deliberately mangles your English to be funny - not that there's anything wrong with that, but c'mon. Some of your shit is ridiculous. Oh well. Fun times.
Is hws foreign or does he troll-post like t4phage? As an aside, I was reading some of the askandy archives the other day (back when all the smart people (vox, manton, foo, etc.) posted there) and it was a shocker to see t4phage pre-troll-posting. Full sentences...I knew he had it in him!
It's the LH shoulder expression that did you in.Jokes aside, the service you experienced is similar to almost every dining experience I've had in Manhattan.Took my sister to Bond St. for sushi one time I was in town and the waitress visited exactly once to take a food and drink order and never come back. I'm not exaggerating - once. I had to walk up to her at the end of my meal and ask for my check. We would have been happy to order more fish and drinks, but I never had...
The one on the left is gorgeous. Wear it well!
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