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Not too long ago, Grayson went bat-shit off the deep end with anti-Islam screeds at the FNB forum - was incredible to see people pounce on him, and he kept going - dude did not let up, not one bit. He kept the crazy juice flowing at literally all hours of the day. Felt like the good old days! FNB kept it real, too - didn't ban him, despite all sorts of people 'retiring' from the forum vox-style because of all the cray cray. If I ever ran into Grayson in real life at a...
Paging Despos...
JitB looks very nice.
Black knit tie.
He's a lawyer. My guess is that he finally got busy!
Between those two options, I'd think you're better off with the wool/silk blend, since the lining is what is going to trap most of the heat and make you miserable. Though I agree with the prior comment that linen is more forgiving than silk.
Gold Toe OTC (over the calf) socks have been my go-to for a decade and I couldn't be happier. They are not pure cotton, but feel fantastic, and constrict the calf muscles a bit so as to improve blood flow, especially on flights. I can't recommend them enough.
I agree with Comrade - I think you could get by with even less padding. But it looks very promising. Apart from the sleeve length, it looks damn near perfect. Zegna has been moving toward a natural shoulder, as have others. I think it's going to start to be an industry standard. The overdone padding is flattering on very few builds.
I am amazed that gdl's and parker's suits come out looking so good (back when gdl and parker used chan)...this is simply a horror, buyer-beware story any way you slice it.
I'm reminded of the time sent his one-button LH jackets back to Mariano to have additional buttons added and instead of adding buttons and buttonholes, Mariano refaced the jackets - entirely. At no cost to . Contrast that with an offer to do alterations to a bespoke garment with obvious, significant your cost. You get what you pay for.
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