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Show your tiddies! Wait...that's Padma Lakshmi...fuck.
When it comes to tie penis, I practice the Manton rule, which is that up to 1" of penis is still tasteful.
I like this one but am still confused as to why Italians insist on trousers cut for a belt with clip-on braces. I get it that if you're just a normal stylish Italian dude then it's sprezzy but if you're a bespoke tailor and you cut your own pents, ostensibly you can cut them without loops for belts and, you know, buttons for real fucking braces. Any devil-may-care affection that you experiment with has to look like you at least tried not to give a fuck. If you try too...
The insides are extra tidy. I see promise here but would need to see a fitpic before I can render any meaningful judgment.
This question indicates to me that you are about to make a horrible wardrobe mistake or possible a series of wardrobe mistakes.I have been interviewing for about 10 years now. I've seen ties that were tied by someone who was clearly doing it for the first time, I've seen shirts that were clearly worn the day(s) before, I've seen white sport socks with shiny black shoes, I've seen it all.Rather than overthinking this, let me idiot-proof this for you: if you have a SOLID...
Whoa.The lefty could get the Django.The 'jango' is silent.OK, OK...the righty, too.
I love this one.
The best thing about the Good Taste thread was that it made me realize the inherent superiority of the blue shirt. Since that thread, all of my bespoke shirt orders have been some variation of blue and I am super happy with every batch that has come back.As for the Dandy Portrait blog, great find. Me likey... thread among many. Emphasis on "many." He's like that crazy bitch Victoria Jackson who used to be on SNL but now spends all her time trying to convince people that the Islamic Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government. Her new material is better than anything she ever did on SNL!!
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