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My $500 Shotos showed me how crappily made they were last January in Chicago, when one sole completely separated from the boot. The head shoe buyer from BNY said that Shoto was really a tiny operation and that they were hard to get in contact with. And that he could point me somewhere to get them repaired. So I just had them repaired locally and didn't sweat it. But I surely won't buy them again.
new or used. try me! i just entered $50 as a price but I'm flexible depending on what you have.
all prices shipped. Naked and Famous Flannel Buffalo Plaid BD Slim Shirt. One of the best fits out there. I washed it once. I think it was $125, will let it go for $75. White Uniqlo OCBD, size L, never worn or washed $25 Gitman Vintage Multi-Gingham (edit: I've been alerted that this is called 'Exploded Gingham'), size L. Washed and I had the sides taken in by Mario's alterations in Beverly Hills, to eliminate that 'poof' that Gitmans tend to have. Fits great, but I'm...
APC New Cure 35: worn and loved. approx 32" inseam. awesome fading and honeycombs. $75 APC Grey 34. tried on and washed. From around '09. Great texture + color. approx 33" inseam. $75
Leather Rachel Comey Derringer Whiskey sz. 12 -- bought from SF, tried on and they're a bit too big for me. Like new, with box. $150 obo shipped. Leather + Canvas Vanishing Elephant Fairmont Grey sz. 11 -- hard to find! Like new, with box. I paid $185, $125 obo shipped.
unsolicited endorsement: this jacket rocks! easy to wear and looks great. i get a lot of compliments on mine!
basically the same dimensions as the grey ones?
hi how wide is the ankle opening?
PM sent
got your reply. i can't reply to it because i'm a noob. email?
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