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Quote: Originally Posted by Bull A few of you have asked me why I reserve such vitriol for Gilt. Simple: they sell utter shit misrepresented as high-quality shit. An anecdote should suffice to illustrate their trickery and shady market practices. Not long ago, I purchased a navy 2B Zegna blazer from Gilt. It was priced in the $500s, marked down from "$1650" or some such made-up, invented number. The coat arrived, and it was fine. But plainly...
GoSurface attended the show! Any lurkers? Here's a video and some pics from the show.
If you're in the city this Thursday please join us!
I'd love some shoes
Rick Owens Lillies skirt
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 Dear SoCal, wherever you are, would you be willing to trade some sort of gothninja attire (preferably sneakers) for the mold of my fresh 18 year old penis? Would be at full-staff, molded while looking at pictures of desert boots. Please submits pics for approval.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine That orgasm thing is pretty unique I guess There was the Beautiful Agony series that was a lot of user generated content, raw, realistic, in the sheets and recently had a thing at the Museum of Sex. Also there is the Frank Yamrus series "Rapture" which was shot more like formal portraits: Stuart Sandford (who actually is a contributor to the show)...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug How many forum members will actually be surprised? lol Great job organizing and working this thing. Really happy for you. Followed the progress from time to time. Look forward to seeing what you do next too. Best of luck, justin That I cry?
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