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I'm alive, I'm VERY well. After 2.5 years I left Gilt...I'm focusing on doing freelance consulting work with designers/brands in addition to my own photography and some endeavors in the arts. I hang out with GoSurface a lot and make him get really drunk and dance on tables at clubs. I've bought some Ann, Rick and Gareth recently. I was also quoted in WWD for all the SZ Gothtards to see.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake I think with certain brands, synergy is crucial. With RO or Julius for example, their pieces become incongruous worn with anything else. Sometimes the only way to pull off a certain aesthetic is to pile on more pieces of that same designer. This reminds me of when socal was a regular and posted in waywt frequently. He got a lot of shit for wearing one designer (be it Rick, Ann, or Raf) head to toe and I remember a lot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick SoCal definitely has, or atleast spends more money than anyone on this forum. I'm simply Robin Hood of SF
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite actually ran into him last weekend. seems to be doing well, definitely focusing on his own thing these days. good to see you there too mijo stay tuned for more
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Nope, socal.
LAUNCH PARTY! This Friday from 8-11pm at The Soho Grand...tequila open bar sponsored by Milagro tequila from 8-9 to celebrate the re-launch of Yoko Devereaux on Gilt Groupe (sale is 8/20). Special DJ set by Royal Windsor Coven & models showcasing a few styles provided by The Fearless Project
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Isn't re-launching a brand on Gilt like a movie going straight to video? Prefect for the cheap bastards on SF
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Isn't launching a brand on Gilt like a movie going straight to video? It was around for 10 years and took a year off.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkk naw
a fawddy
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