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Quote: Originally Posted by saelan Excuse my ignorance, but does SoCal paint? Is that his own painting he is standing in front of? Is his show a fashion show, art show, or other? 'Cuz the painting looks like Basquiat shat on a high school mural project. But his life and clothes are obviously fantastic, so I guess it doesn't really matter what paintings he stands in front of. No, it was from my exhibition INSTANT at Robert Goff Gallery where...
Jil, Thom, Louis Vuitton, Ann, Bottega, Armani, Prada, Lanvin & more
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter wow, welcome back J. Stick around... I still remember your legendary WAYW pics. I still think about that 'melting' blob bag of yours sometimes. Awww I wish I could stick around, but after this weekend I will probably be gone for a while. I have my exhibition in Canada and then I'm going to Telluride, California, back to NY for a bit and then off to Berlin. But I can leave you with some Wonder...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane did I walk into a dolce & gabbana photoshoot? No but I am sleeping with a model from a recent ad campaign.
Quote: Originally Posted by TehStyleGod Nope. You're playing the "umad" card too early, faggot. Faggot? Would a faggot really have a whole art series that involves taking pictures of dudes when they bust their nut?
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele LOL ^^ Sock puppet time! Good to see your doing well homie I'm going VERY well and I love it. First time in NY I've got to live and do what I want... I get all kinds of young hotties And play dress-up with GoSurface
Quote: Originally Posted by CBrown85 .....also post some Thom pics. Here's a Polaroid from a new series I am working on of a boy in Thom Browne. sweater & boxers
Strike me down with it. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.
I don't want to measure shit for you jackasses so if you live in NY head over to Tokyo 7.
Best part about all the clothes I've bought? When someone needs me to style last minute I just have to walk into my closet!
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