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Rach in the Gilt MSRP thread "And, realize that greater men have tried to "call out" SoCal as not being real, and most have died trying."
teh Socal is mildly amused
Jil Sander peacoat Deli Bag Ann Demulemeester matte sequin tank Ann Demulemeester shirt (N)umber (N)ine pants Raf x Doc
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Yes, clearly following a religion is wrong and no one here including the "mods" have a problem with someone saying that. The moment though when someone says being gay is wrong, they are a "bigot". No surprise for the double standards though. After all, this forum is filled with gays in every section. You have a choice to sign yourself up for a group that believes in magic and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb So nowadays when anyone has religious values they are a "bigot" according to you? If you are weak minded enough to actually follow and take stock in an organized religion then please go ahead an be a bigot. It's sort of like a consolation prize!
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 Is the sender of the PM, by any chance, the OP of this thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by aether please remind us, what did your parents do for a living? Ballerz
Quote: Originally Posted by eternaldrake not really fashion but im curious as to why some random guy from texas signed up for a netflix account with my email oh well time to load up his queue with hard hitting classics such as 'Gay Sex in the '70s" and "Small Town Gay Bar" I still haven't watched the 1st one but Small Town Gay Bar is a great film.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby You have severe mental issues at work. Though I suspect you will never outgrow your pride enough to realize it. I'm very self-aware...but, getting SF all riled up on a slow weekend is like shooting fish in a barrel.
It's good to be back... Pvt msg: "Hi, I'm kind of new and all, but I just decided that any prick who posts a jerky response to one of my threads gets a personalized "fuck off.". You're the very first recipient, not merely because you were SUCH a douche, but you kept at it. I don't give a shit about how many posts you have or who has more EG shoes, or any of that shit, you dig? So congratulations, ya' little prick. Take your "S" class and drive it off a cliff--do us all a...
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