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Trial suit fit with Kent Wang: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Aaron's comments [[SPOILER]] Thanks for all the help.
Trial suit fit with Kent Wang: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Aaron's comments [[SPOILER]] Thanks for all the help.
Just received my first pair of chinos from Luxire. Ordered: May 18 Shipped: July 15 Received: July 17 Haven't checked measurements yet, but quality (Navy Twill) and fit are superb.
Stopped by a local consignment shop today, and found this 42R 70% cashmere Isaia sport coat on the clearance rack. Was too large for me, but can kop/trade for something similar in a 40R/L.
From Sunday:
Pamplona to Madrid to Manchester today.
BTR currently, ATL around 5ish, should be in AMS for 10am local time, and LBA around 1pm.
You are actually who I thought of when I saw it All of the PRL's were in the 40-44 range, but I don't remember the exact size of this one. All the suits were $500, including this three piece. Shoot me a PM, I can try and stop by this evening, otherwise it wouldn't be until Tuesday when I get back in town.
Hit up the local Nordstrom Rack and Marshall's today. The Rack had a good bit of Zegna/Talbott ties for $50ish, and some decent Samuelsohn, Hickey Freeman and Canali sport coats. Nothing at thrift prices obviously, so just went to browse. All of the following pictures were from the Marshall's next door:Kiton 100% Cashmere Suit (around a 44 if I remember correctly) [[SPOILER]] Zegna 15milmil15 TuxedoA lot of PRL (Made in Italy) sport coats, winter suits, and a seerucker,...
From Saturday: [[SPOILER]]
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