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I had something similar in a way. This was the collar on my jacket. The ends of the collar were curled up. I moistened the area only & used clothes pins to secure & used a hair dryer. After several worked. The collar stays down now. I would only wet the area that needs to be reduced instead & try the hair dryer . I only soak the whole jeans in hot water when I want total shrinkage. I always buy larger sizes so I can modify to the way I like them to fit. I...
I was of the same opinion with regards to tailoring on the inside inseam which would alter the selvedge on the inseam. But , the jeans were slightly baggy on the bottom portion. Everything else was exactly what I liked in this brand style of jeans. I was very happy to find that the tailor was able to take in on the inside & still maintain the original style of the inseam. So , it can be done..with the right tailor .
I guess I could try emailing Levi's and seeing if they can give me any info on the color.[/quote] I have emailed Levi's with regards to questions , like the Levi 201 Buckleback jeans , & they apologized , but it was no longer in stock. The main reason I like this style is that it sits more on the waist as oppose to the hips ( old fashion ) & the fact that there were copper rivets on the back pockets. Aero Leather in Europe has some vintage Levi's for $$. I wasn't too...
In the late 1950's, Levi's changed the patch from a leather material to a thick card-stock imitation leather with the extra tag that you mentioned. If the red tag spells "LEVI'S" in all capital letters, they were made prior to 1971. I call those "The Big E". If the logo appears on both sides of the label, they're likely from the '50s. If the label is "LeVI'S with the "e" in lower case, the jeans were made after 1971. Those jeans are too old so throw them away or let me...
go to under Levi's Numerology . There's a guide on all styles of levis.
xx on the Levi's 501s refers to the "shrink to fit" style.
I have the Levis 514 jeans . This style has the Levis rivets in the back pockets. (1873) The color is a dark wash denim blue. There are no faded streaks or faked distressed areas , which is another reason I like this style. Also I will be receiving a pair of LVC 1915 Cone Mills 501 Levi Jeans. Also in dark wash blue. this style has no belt loops , Buckle in the back with buttons. Rivets in the back & one in the crotch area. Thanks for any input ! Jake
With regards to new jeans . Is there a certain time before new jeans are washed ? What is the best method to wash & dry new jeans ? Thanks !
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