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Were these altered in any way? The rise seems a smidge low for Rivets.
Is this black or gray?
On the Lewin cord: Any fabric to let out on the sleeve? Also are the shoulders structured or natural?
Apologies for the belatedness of the response. Work has been hectic. Here's a photo of the cuff interior:
The pair in the photo I took. Not sure about the waistband color. Could be a factory sample/different season's edition in the stock photo? Interior waistband aside they're identical.
Waist measures 17" across. Here's the waist and cuff seams. Thanks for your interest.
Yes, they're still available.
So, genius that I am, I misread an ebay listing and bought the wrong size - my loss, your gain. These are some premium, durable American-made jeans. Slim, not skinny. Closest to the 514. They retail at $185 - I'm lettin' go of them for $85 plus shipping. They're new, never worn, without tags. Hand measurements are: Front rise: 10.5" Back rise: 13.5" Thigh: 10.5" Knee: 9" Leg Opening: 8.5" Any questions you got, don't hesitate to ask. Paypal only.
What's the lapel width?
What are the measurements?
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