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Flawless transaction with mistermidwester; article was exactly as described, communication was copious, detailed and accurate, shipping and delivery were faster than expected.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratratan [[SPOILER]] I was just looking at that model online this evening. My wife thinks it's hideous. I was set on a vintage Omega Speedmaster, but I've seen some very nice looking Seikos. The Blue Spark that someone else posted is stellar; would love to be able to find one of those for sale.
FWIW, this is not a situation unique to SF. I am also a member of a board dedicated to a particular guitar manufacturer. Several years ago the brand was flying "under the radar" and one could pick up used models very inexpensively. I posted a picture (hot linked to the seller's site) of an extremely rare model from early in the company's history, looking for a little information before I pulled the trigger. Now, the seller was a mom & pop music shop located in my home...
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