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So I'm in the market for a new suit, I realize the high end brands such as Brioni and Oxxford come highly recommended here. Unfortunately I don't particularly like the way these suits look on me, I prefer a less conservative, more modern silhouette. In any case, I was looking at some of the newer suits D&G has put out, I thought they looked nice. Also I'm interested if anyone here has picked up any of the RL Black Label stuff and whether or not it's worth the money or not....
My current favorite way to use curry is in pasta, if any of you make your own homemade pasta, just add 2-4 tablespoons of curry powder into the dry ingredients (depending on how much you are making). It adds a bit of color and a nice base flavor. Then you can sauce it however you like, I made a light cream sauce with shrimp and a little more curry on top of that. Once you try homemade pasta once, and realize the ease at which you can prepare it, you'll never buy that dried...
Golf Digest, Bon Appetite, Motor Trend, GQ, Forbes, Sunset, Gourmet, Food & Wine, a few others I don't read.
Yes you could buy a PC for the same price, or slightly cheaper. But you'll make up for the costs in the user friendliness, beautiful interface, and the good chance you will never get a virus or spyware ever again. PCs are like BMW 7 series cars, they may look cool and be popular - but you gotta keep taking them in and fixing the problems every month.
double post
I don't particularly like that pattern/color combo, but I think it's perfectly fine for anyone to wear Argyle. I have 3 argyle print sweaters in different styles and colors. I'm in highschool where god knows your appearance is under scrutiny, but I've never recieved negative comments about it, only compliments. I think it's a good option to have when you wanna get away from solid colors and boring stripes. Don't give up on argyle just yet, I'm sure you can find some...
Let me second the this.. one of the worst movies I've ever seen and I could barely sit through the whole thing. The shitty storyline was complimented by constant reassuring that alexander was gay, and that for some reason all the macedonians have irish accents... On the bright side the theatre was having problems and couldn't get the beginning of the movie in focus and had to fix it, so we all got a free ticket in return for the inconvenience.
I have been looking for some dress slacks that are flat fronted and slim fitting, but have had no luck. Right now the only slacks I can find/own are those that are pleated and kind of "one size fits all.. just get the bottom hemmed and you're good". They tend to be really baggy though, especially for me around the hips and just do not look flattering at all. All my jeans are slim cut, bootcut, but god help me if I can find some slacks with this same design. My in town...
Yea I really liked the cut of his suit pants and jackets, there is absolutely nothing close to that I can buy in my town... He also mentioned "I dont care that im ruining my prada laceups" when he was splashing through the water.
I just saw the recent remake of the film Alfie starring Jude Law today, and I must say I liked many of the outfits he wore throughout the movie. He wears a lot of dark colored slim cut suits, shirts in solid colors, and skinny ties.. kind of GQ inspired but still a nice change to the usual movie wardrobes. The movie wasn't all that bad either, despite some of the bad reviews i read. What do you all think about it?
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