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I have 3 International's (Limited Edition Original Green, Classic Black & 2011 75th) all 3 are Made In England
I just think of Steve Carell now!
I paid £85 for the Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Flannel Sweatshirt, it fell apart within a month, my Gymbaggs one is still going strong after 2 years
Drive is one of my all time favourite films now that i've watched it a few times. Love the white henley.
looks alot better than the last one!
still cannot find the Beeswax in the UK, didnt really want to import them if i could help it, any idea's?
i take it you work for Superdry!Superdry is by far the worst of the 'clueless dad & chav' labels, every item is copied from a better brand unless its the fake oil logo tee's, David Beckham wore a t-shirt or 2 before the brand took off around 8 years ago (before he knew about fashion) and they've been selling themselves on that since. I think Superdry may have sponsored the London riots lastyear as must of them where wearing the 'brand'
Superdry copys every large brand, The logo placement(Northface) their Shoes (Allsaints) Boots (Redwing) Hoodies & Polo's (A&F) etc... even their labels copy Maharishi depending on what they are selling,theres nothing original in any of their line up, TK Maxx (TJ in US) sells the Jackets at 85% discount, wouldnt touch it mate, poor quality replica's of other brands.
I'm in my early 30's and still love wearing my Band of Outsiders one around the house and to the gym, not sure if i'd wear one elsewhere tho.
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