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I thought my collection was finished with blue jeans but just got back from TK Maxx at Brent Cross and they had Jean Shop slim fit selvedge for £50 I haven't worn the Unbranded outside the house yet as they still need breaking in but I really like them.
12 for me: 1x APC NPS Blue 2x J Brand grey&sand 2x Levis 511 blue & Sand 1x The Kooples Maroon 1x Unbranded 21oz Blue 1x Galliano Dark Blue 2x Uniqlo black 1x Uniqlo X Undercover Black 1x Uniqlo Selvedge Blue Think I Need to upgrade the Uniqlo ones
I have 3 International's (Limited Edition Original Green, Classic Black & 2011 75th) all 3 are Made In England
I just think of Steve Carell now!
I paid £85 for the Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Flannel Sweatshirt, it fell apart within a month, my Gymbaggs one is still going strong after 2 years
Drive is one of my all time favourite films now that i've watched it a few times. Love the white henley.
looks alot better than the last one!
still cannot find the Beeswax in the UK, didnt really want to import them if i could help it, any idea's?
i take it you work for Superdry!Superdry is by far the worst of the 'clueless dad & chav' labels, every item is copied from a better brand unless its the fake oil logo tee's, David Beckham wore a t-shirt or 2 before the brand took off around 8 years ago (before he knew about fashion) and they've been selling themselves on that since. I think Superdry may have sponsored the London riots lastyear as must of them where wearing the 'brand'
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