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Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Its obvious I'm in the minority here, but even my one plain white gets little use - weddings, funerals, and the rare occasions when I wear windowpane or POW suits. +1. with a white OCB being the exception, i haven't worn a white shirt in a year.
right now, i would go with derrick rose. great work ethic, coachable, team player. once his jumper is solid he wil be unguardable.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 was hoping dirk would do something distinctly german and shit in lebron's mouth caviar, Lebron?
Per Se was a memorable meal though I wouldn't return on my dime. Dinner for three including wine ($190) was $1457.00 Two orders of the truffle risotto @150 per helped bump this up. I figured if i was there I might as well try it. Some of the courses were wonderful, others just okay. Too much money for dinner, IMO.
i have a size 14 and i wouldn't do mto on any shoe without first knowing if the last works for my particular foot.
Love the second watch-the seamaster. it looks as if it is discontinued. anyone know where one is for sale?
was there today. bought three pair of pants and she gave them to me for 225. also had some nice hats on sale.
Where is Mina staying this time?
in the bags, in the boxes, stacked on shelves and the floor of two closets. no more shoes for me.
I was a 14 shoe/15 sneaker at age 15. Luckily, I didn't grow any larger. Your body will probably catch up with your feet.
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