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the selection was pretty good though someone already picked up all the interesting okoa shorts in my size. If you're interested in their product i would check it out.
there is a Villebrequin sale at 160 Varick st. today and tomorrow from 9-7pm 50-80% off, though most of it was 50%
i have and turnaround time is accurate. Also ordered from Mina and she had them on her next visit
she did a pair for me with a higher rise, double pleats and fuller through the leg. they are by far the best fitting trouser i have ever owned.
box man by kobe abe kindly ones any sam shephard short storiies anything by jim harrison
^ Acqua Terra 2502.80 I also agree it looks great, if fact, i purchased one after seeing this thread.
two pair of trousers-one to go with a lighter than navy mohair jacket which i will receive monday-the other a blue flannel with a grayish tint. beautiful fabric which i haven't seen many examples of in the wild. also, a db overcoat in a brown herringbone for late fall/early spring type weather.
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