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Regarding Henry-Harrison Ford wore at least one suit by the late Henry Stewart.
it was actually a guy named ralph paterno-this was back pre '94
New of both-though I was in Chicago. The owner of the NYC boutique also owned chicago and d.c.
twenty years ago I worked at a Versace boutique. Standard discount was 50% off all items. The real score happened when we got rid of merch to the jobbers. I would then pick up things at 85 to 90 off, iirc. also worked at another high end store in which the discount was also 50%. If you were there long enough, the owner would let you order suits for cost when he put it his order. another thing about versace-i remember me and the other guy on the the mens floor would come...
the selection was pretty good though someone already picked up all the interesting okoa shorts in my size. If you're interested in their product i would check it out.
there is a Villebrequin sale at 160 Varick st. today and tomorrow from 9-7pm 50-80% off, though most of it was 50%
i have and turnaround time is accurate. Also ordered from Mina and she had them on her next visit
she did a pair for me with a higher rise, double pleats and fuller through the leg. they are by far the best fitting trouser i have ever owned.
box man by kobe abe kindly ones any sam shephard short storiies anything by jim harrison
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