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Ive had a pair of shoes and boots done by cleverly, and though i am happy with them, they were expensive. one thing to note, cleverly shares some lasts with c&j-mine were done on the 348 and 337
el Sicario, room 164. It's about a guy who spent 20 years in the Mexican drug cartels. the entire movie is shot in a hotel room where the subject once held and tortured a kidnap victim. the subject wears a hood throughout the film, using a sketch pad to explain his story. the use of the pad alone kept my attention
341 is shorter than the 337
I've had the sleeves lengthened on mine-done through their shop. results were as they said they would be
i picked up a pair of Bayfield's for $160 from amazon over the summer to use as beaters. so far, they have not disappointed. comfortable right out of the gate
Regarding Henry-Harrison Ford wore at least one suit by the late Henry Stewart.
it was actually a guy named ralph paterno-this was back pre '94
New of both-though I was in Chicago. The owner of the NYC boutique also owned chicago and d.c.
twenty years ago I worked at a Versace boutique. Standard discount was 50% off all items. The real score happened when we got rid of merch to the jobbers. I would then pick up things at 85 to 90 off, iirc. also worked at another high end store in which the discount was also 50%. If you were there long enough, the owner would let you order suits for cost when he put it his order. another thing about versace-i remember me and the other guy on the the mens floor would come...
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