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i'm not a big camera guy-i drove while my girlfriend shot. I would make sure you're covered in the zoom dept. I purchased binoculars for the trip and glad i did-very useful when you stumble upon something interesting. August, btw, is considered the best time to go-less foliage makes for easier viewing.
Last summer my girlfriend and I went to S Africa for roughly two weeks. We flew into Johannesburg, renting a car and driving to Kruger, which was simply awesome. I felt like a kid in Disneyworld for the first time. From there, we drove the garden route to cape town, spending the night in four towns. We drove roughly 2200 miles though some very rural areas and experienced no trouble whatsoever.
Years ago an actor friend of mine was playing in a pick-up game in LA with a group of actors, including Denzel. My friend was checking Denzel and blocked his shot clean on a drive. Denzel calls foul, my friend is like " aw, c'mon, man!"-typical stuff.Guys on MY FRIEND"S team were saying "Oh yeah, you totally fouled him" stuff like that. He couldn't believe it. He said everyone on the court was kissing his ass all day.i suppose it isn't so shocking-LA, wannabe actors, and a...
^there was one on TZ not too long ago-not sure if it sold.
^ Agreed. One team executes and finishes and one doesn't-that's the bottom line. everything else is shouda, coulda, woulda.
341 is a little shorter in the toebox
placed my order on the 16th and it arrived yesterday
do they add items to the sale as it progresses, or is the full stock?
New Posts  All Forums: