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No. he still has a way to go before he can be mentioned in the same sentence as The Colossal Jackass Known As James Dolan.For reasons already mentioned here and sportcenter, etc., his choice of D'Antoni is mind boggling
Buss is challenging Dolan as the league's least competent executive
Saw it today and enjoyed it-well done imho. the scene where he downed the scotch with the scorpion on his wrist was an over the top home run. the asian mix babe was smoking hot. I was also a bit surprised by the lack of 'interaction' by Bond and the women.
Saw Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel the other day. Very entertaining doc, very entertaining woman.
the league really has to put an end to this comedy
stock vintage on 13th st. pretty much all menswear. Most of the merch is workwear, though they do carry quite a few hats. It is said to be one of the premier stores of that type in the world.
^provided like Lebron, he can develop a modicum of mental toughness and/or killer instinct.
Speick after shave is scentless and does a great job
seems like a good plan though it doesn't always work out that way. examples would be Malone and Payton to the Lakers as well as Barkley to the Rockets. still, probably the best option for the heat.
i'm not a big camera guy-i drove while my girlfriend shot. I would make sure you're covered in the zoom dept. I purchased binoculars for the trip and glad i did-very useful when you stumble upon something interesting. August, btw, is considered the best time to go-less foliage makes for easier viewing.
New Posts  All Forums: