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roxy music-out of the blue bryan ferry-don't stop the dance
jm weston carries 14. Stop by Crockett & Jones, a size 13 will fit you there.
I was there around 9:30 am and found a nice document pouch without the logo stamp for 55 dollars. Also picked up a wallet for 50 dollars and a flask for 65. I also purchased a nice wallet for my sister for $98-down from 395. Spoke to a SA who told me the sale after next is the Tourneau sale. Everything except Rolex will supposedly be represented. Christ, that's all I need. May be a good time to christen that flask...
I just thank God the season has started. College football is my favorite sport, hands down.
Gents, I am looking into a camel polo coat for the fall. Because of my size, I must have it made and will be a second overcoat ( the first is a single breasted navy storm system). My question is about keeping it clean. I live in NYC and am wondering if this would be an impractical acquisition because of subways, taxis, etc. By the way, I've picked up a wonderful amount of insight on this forum and when finally get around to buying a new camera I will begin posting...
Fast Times at Ridgemont High is at the top of my list. My 'art house' high school flick is My Bodyguard.
I still prefer the Colon Blow commercial.
Ya know, I'm not really one to rip into one's personal style-on a public forum, anyway-I realize there are people who would scoff at mine. However, now that i'm somewhat older, I find his look laughable, as does my considerably younger girlfriend. If it works for him, I guess I'm in no position to piss in his cheerios. I do have access to The Game, but I can assure you I won't be caught dead reading it in public.
So what happened with the bird? Saw two raccoons on the subway tracks in NYC (it was an elevated station) and a rooster, casually strolling the same platform.
If I'm out, Maker's Mark is my default bourbon. At home, usually Basil Hayden or Michter's.
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