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Went to-and enjoyed-Crispo's on west 14th a couple of weeks ago. They are known for their spaghetti carbonera and it was quite good. They have a large room in the back( i assume it is the airshaft) with a pond and a fireplace. Also like Il Giglio in tribeca. Same owners as Il Mulino, but not nearly as expensive.
You may want to try Washington Heights/Inwood. You can get a good sized studio in your price range
In the late 80's the Lagonda stickered at roughly 187k. You may also want to consider the Vantage Volante (sorry, I don't have a pic), which i've seen for sale a couple of years ago for around 35k.
I believe Banana does things in a tall size
Though I'm in the city quite a bit it's been nearly twenty years since I've been to the City Club. From what I understand quite a few artists have purchased places on the Cass Corridor. To me, Detroit is the perfect petri dish for the next artistic uprising. total lawlessness, plenty of cheap space and nobody cares what you are doing.
I have a soft spot for the Leland hotel. In the 80's, it was home to a truly great punk/goth club-The City Club. Even as a 'kid', I couldn't help but notice the beautiful marble staircase I would climb to enter the club. It was the place to go after a show and I have many a fond memory of the place. For a club, it also had a extraordinarily long shelf life. This was most likely due to it's location-on the corner of Cass and Bagley. In the 70's and 80's, the Cass...
6'8"-no one in my family is over 5'9". Thought it could've been the mailman, but I look and act way too much like my father. I feel fortunate that I'm not any larger as trousers are barely long enough and finding shoes beyond a 14 is like tossing a smelt net hoping for a coelacanth.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Don't ever get old, you are twice as cool at 13 as you are going to be at 26. Don't let teenage girls with long fingernails give you handjobs. Watch out for that Samoan Defensive End. He's headhunting. Don't set your knees when you get low to block. The prank may seem funny now, but being a convicted felon is not worth it. i can live with the long fingernails.
I know a couple who are serial returners. they are seen wearing something new at every social event, only to return them after. the funny thing is, everyone knows this about them and they are clueless.
a friend of mine played against Skiles in high school. the same night after the game, Skiles would call my friends teammates and tell them how bad he lit them up. still makes me laugh to this day.
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