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the 'brand'
I really enjoyed A Good Man is Hard to Find. I have Highsmith's Nothing That Meets the Eye on my night table. Like it so far, though haven't had the time I'd like to read.
^ maybe we should do the same with people.
1978 Monza Spider. Had a 305 shoehorned into it-was quite quick. Man, I loved that car
Abyss makes a quality towel. Have had a set for over two years and they are holding up nicely. would purchase them again.
the first Gleason/Newman scene in 'The Hustler'. The Albert Finney/Danny Boy shootout scene in 'Millers Crossing'.
it seems that sunset park is the next neighborhood in Brooklyn to 'go'. I have a couple of friends with young families and that's where they are all looking. townhouses there-though much cheaper than other parts of Brooklyn-are still is the 700k ballpark, if i am not mistaken.
^ I have wide shoulders and a thinner neck. bespoke is the only way to go, considering what you are charged at Rochester Big & Tall. I'm 6'7", and have no problem with a heel as described above.
I will be sad to see Isaiah go. He is such a d-bag ( I am from Detroit and a Piston fan) I actually enjoyed watching him hanging in the wind to twist. I wish he would take the team he built with him when he leaves. Rumor has it he may be offered a position in the Piston organization. Even if he was a parking lot attendant, I'm certain he would find a way to poison that franchise as well.
Went to-and enjoyed-Crispo's on west 14th a couple of weeks ago. They are known for their spaghetti carbonera and it was quite good. They have a large room in the back( i assume it is the airshaft) with a pond and a fireplace. Also like Il Giglio in tribeca. Same owners as Il Mulino, but not nearly as expensive.
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