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Dshin-went to the same festival as well. IIRC it went on for 24 straight hours at 1515 broadway. Remember hearing guys like Derrick May and Juan Atkins, as well as The Plasticman. Bradford-I think you may mean St. Andrews Hall. It somewhat looks like a rollerskating rink inside. they still book great shows.
the 'brand'
I really enjoyed A Good Man is Hard to Find. I have Highsmith's Nothing That Meets the Eye on my night table. Like it so far, though haven't had the time I'd like to read.
^ maybe we should do the same with people.
1978 Monza Spider. Had a 305 shoehorned into it-was quite quick. Man, I loved that car
Abyss makes a quality towel. Have had a set for over two years and they are holding up nicely. would purchase them again.
the first Gleason/Newman scene in 'The Hustler'. The Albert Finney/Danny Boy shootout scene in 'Millers Crossing'.
it seems that sunset park is the next neighborhood in Brooklyn to 'go'. I have a couple of friends with young families and that's where they are all looking. townhouses there-though much cheaper than other parts of Brooklyn-are still is the 700k ballpark, if i am not mistaken.
^ I have wide shoulders and a thinner neck. bespoke is the only way to go, considering what you are charged at Rochester Big & Tall. I'm 6'7", and have no problem with a heel as described above.
I will be sad to see Isaiah go. He is such a d-bag ( I am from Detroit and a Piston fan) I actually enjoyed watching him hanging in the wind to twist. I wish he would take the team he built with him when he leaves. Rumor has it he may be offered a position in the Piston organization. Even if he was a parking lot attendant, I'm certain he would find a way to poison that franchise as well.
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