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Early to mid-eighties. Varsity jacket, t-shirt, some sort of designer jean-Calvin Klein, I believe-and leather sneakers. The colors of the varsity jacket were the same as my Z-28. No pictures will ever be provided.
Nothing That Meets the Eye by Patricia Highsmith
KCRW out of L.A. online. Good music.
i went yesterday. pretty much the same sale as last year. Had some nice cashmere throws on sale for 500, but i wasn't too thrilled with the idea of handwashing more cashmere. Just picked up another flat and fitted pair of sheets. nothing too exciting
$800. Including a 25% tip. My girlfriend wanted to have a party for her birthday. Had a section at some bar in the east fifties. The waitress needed a credit card for the tab. My girlfriend was going to pull hers out, but i could not let her do that in good conscience (we had only been dating a short while) So, I paid the tab with little regret, as she treats me well. But eight bills for cocktails isn't part of my gameplan, that's for sure
Rochester Big & Tall carries them. Their prices are reasonable, even at a store where there is no real competition. I have a coat from them and though it is nothing fancy, it is a good everyday item and has held up well.
This must be the place. The lady don't mind.
favorite song is probably The Call Up. My nieces accuse me of being a curmudgeon and they're probably right. When I hear a current pop or hip hop song where the hook is lifted from an 70's or 80's song and lame vocals are laid down over it, I just sneer at them.
the viagra commercial with the guys singing that stupid viagra song
The standard travel uniform mentioned above didn't make me laugh. It actually sent a chill up my spine. Now, just add the palm treo pressed to the ear (or on the belt clip) and a goatee that is one inch too wide on each side and the picture is complete. I can remember lay overs Heathrow when I was a young boy. My father and I were in suits, my sisters in dresses and my mom in a skirt. After I had one too many Cadbury bars and put my Dinky tanks back in my BOAC carry...
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