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i'm 6'7' and go for a 63' tie. I have a long torso, which should also be taken into consideration. I'm not skinny, so I also opt for a 3.75' width.
My first job out of college was at Syd Jerome in chicago. Leonard were the best ties we carried at the time. The colors were-as others posted previously-really something else. The quality was top notch and I always received compliments wearing them in the warmer months.
Rolex service has always been on the money for me, Omega, on the other hand(pun intended) has not. I have an acqua terra (2502.80) and when it was serviced, it took a year to get the blue dial back in stock. They actually put a white dial on it to hold me over. FWIW, i prefer the 2502.80 to the one pictured in the earlier post. The dial is a simple blue, not recessed and tone on tone which, to me, is a little too busy
I went behind the counter ( I asked first) and went through all the boxes. I'm glad i did, as what was on the shelves/tables weren't representative of all the stock
Silverfox, even though cashmere is softer, I don't even give it a second thought. the heavier silk twills feel so much different than the thin silk scarves that initially come to mind. FWIW, I have the drake's scarf pictured above and when i wear it, it makes no difference to me which side is against my throat.
i picked one up early yesterday morning in a similar design-it was on the table behind the register still in a box. the price may have been a mismarked-it was $65. I purchased a couple other scarves and this was the most inexpensive of the bunch.i didn't see any others as I surely would've grabbed them,
was looking for some as well and didn't see any
I have a madder silk scarf from David and it is just as warm as my cashmere scarves....and it looks so much better than cashmere with tweed.
if you go make sure you peruse the boxes on the table and floor behind the counter (they don't mind) many more squares and scarves, as well as socks
folding shirts is a much better alternative
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