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there are some dress shirts on STP from Westport (big and tall?) that are very reasonably priced. May want to give those a look
i'm 6'7' and go for a 63' tie. I have a long torso, which should also be taken into consideration. I'm not skinny, so I also opt for a 3.75' width.
My first job out of college was at Syd Jerome in chicago. Leonard were the best ties we carried at the time. The colors were-as others posted previously-really something else. The quality was top notch and I always received compliments wearing them in the warmer months.
Rolex service has always been on the money for me, Omega, on the other hand(pun intended) has not. I have an acqua terra (2502.80) and when it was serviced, it took a year to get the blue dial back in stock. They actually put a white dial on it to hold me over. FWIW, i prefer the 2502.80 to the one pictured in the earlier post. The dial is a simple blue, not recessed and tone on tone which, to me, is a little too busy
it makes my rotation when i channel surf, unlike the other 80-90% of the channels included in my package. Hopefully, TM will carry A-J as I enjoy it more than most of the news outlets 'currently' available.
We read about people going to their workplace or the workplace of a spouse and killing their target and then turning on everyone else. I can imagine them plotting the scenario out. What I can't get my head around is , when it comes down to it, looking at a bunch of little kids looking back at you with, i assume, fear in their eyes, then executing them. I suppose, in these types of massacres, that maybe the victims represented people that have 'wronged' the perpetrator at...
And, like it or not, politics play a role in both this thread and, sadly, what happened today
It is very tragic but you know what? when i heard about this today the shocking thing was I wasn't shocked at all (the fact that is was mostly little kids was nauseating)It seems like there is some sort of massacre a couple times of year now. When I read the paper on the subway and read about some father of three gunned down by some punk because of some perceived diss or an eleven year old snuffed out by a errant bullet from some gang related crossfire, it doesn't even...
I went behind the counter ( I asked first) and went through all the boxes. I'm glad i did, as what was on the shelves/tables weren't representative of all the stock
this is really, really great news. Maybe CT will be next
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