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Honing isn't a big deal. For less than the cost of a packet of cartridges, you can send it out to be done, using a second blade (I have over 30) until it is returned. To me, there is a substantial difference in using a blade that can take an edge vs. one that cannot
Out of curiosity, if you're using a shavette, why not just use a straight?
It is a health code violation to use true straight razor in every place I've come across in the US. In NYC shaving cream must be applied with the hand or a disposable brush. Barbershop shaves are a waste of money as they try and sell you the idea you are getting a straight razor when, in fact, you are just getting a shave with a disposable blade.
try Tod's. Size 13 should work as many of their models run a size large
you can have one made by Winston/Chipp
maybe Troy?
there are some dress shirts on STP from Westport (big and tall?) that are very reasonably priced. May want to give those a look
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