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try rochester big and tall on 52nd and 6th ave
i did mine about four years ago-full gut. I would figure about 15k or so for labor-what level you want to take tile and fixtures, etc., is up to you. If you have someone do the labor, I cannot stress how important it is to make sure the are do good work and reliable. I know this sounds like a Renovations 101 cliche, but go the extra mile. the guy i originally used came highly recommended by a developer friend who used him for his home projects. I figured that was good...
I have received one message from a friend of mine, which turned out to be spam. Now, several friends have contacted me reporting the same problem. I have no computer skills whatsoever. So, do I have to cancel the account and start a new one? Can I leave the old one open in case just for junk emails? thanks in advance.
you could also try Paul Mole on Lex and 70 something. One thing to consider-no matter where you go it won't be a true barber shave. Due to health codes, they must use shavettes-disposable blades that fit into a straight razor looking razor. also, they must apply the cream with their hand or a synthetic brush-not exactly luxurious. In my opinion, it is a waste of 50 or so dollars.
fly through the dominican republic. on the way back, as long as you connect straight thru to the US, the DR won't stamp your passport
Red Wings have been the hottest team in the league since the olympics. Not sure how that will work out in the postseason...can't wait for the playoffs to start
go down at least a full size in if you have a narrow foot. I'm 14us, take a 13uk on the 337 last, a 12.5uk on the 348
Vaporize has been getting heavy play on my ipod lately. yeah, i like them.
you can get Kiton fabric at Tip Top.
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