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Vaporize has been getting heavy play on my ipod lately. yeah, i like them.
you can get Kiton fabric at Tip Top.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube My best boyhood friend "” Buford DeFrance "” and I found a box of these and some Detective Stories mags in his attic. I think we were 10 or 11 at the time. It was a fabulous find! god, I remember seeing the covers of one of those mags-i think it was called True Detective-at the store when i was a kid. It always seemed to feature two guys in ski masks attacking a woman or a woman bound and gagged....
Wash them (inside out if concerned about fading) in warm water then lay them flat to dry
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell So your real question is: For those who own shoes on both C&J's 348 and 337 lasts, does anyone NOT wear the same size in each? i wear a 12.5 in the 348, 13 in the 337. Seems like I need just that extra hair of elongation.
Was your straight properly honed? If so, it's just a learning curve. I rarely nick or cut myself anymore and i get a closer shave. I still have a fusion on hand, for the times when i'm in a big hurry and need a quick shower and shave.
If you go to the Village take her for a walk on the High Line, weather permitting. A View From the Bridge would be an excellent choice for theatre. If you hit 5th ave, take her to Takishamaya. It is unlike any other dept store I've seen in the US and women seem to enjoy it. I second the suggestion for drinks at the Algonquin hotel. you can test her mettle after that by taking her to Jimmy's Corner Bar on 44th. best dive in the area. Place has been open for 38 years....
Sorry to hear about your grandfather. We should all be as lucky to live such a full life. He looked great in the pics-i really like that overcoat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hehlol Look at all these grown men ragging on a famous billionaire sports star who's known for being great in bed and well-endowed. What he has over all of you: - Famous - Billionaire - Sports star - He's great in bed - Well-endowed You can all keep your bitter jealousy in the breast pocket of your insignificant MTM suits. If you'd like, buy a Filson to hold all the excess jealousy. Some of you should try to act...
for the sizing, subtract 16 to find your US equivalent. I've found that they have a low rise as well.
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