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^ i also have the 649's and can tell you they aren't them. I would think, with common sense, if Persol made the frames in NxNW, they would realize they would be back in demand and re-issue them. I am sticking by my original statement and say they are from Pinton-or something else that hasn't been mentioned thus far.
i have the moscot frame in question-the lemtosh in blonde. it is not the even close to the pair in NxNw. even though they are great frames and i am very pleased with them
they look like they are from Francois Pinton
I dipped 1-2 cans of copenhagen for roughly 20 years. Roughly 3 years ago an oral exam by the dentist told me it was time to stop asap, so i did. though many deem it unsightly, I enjoyed it immensely. If it weren't for the health risks, I would jump back in.
Was the razor honed and shave ready when you received it? Beard prep-mentioned previously-is very important. always hydrate your face and maybe add a touch of water to your soap/cream between passes. Always keep your skin taught as you shave. Maybe just start with your cheek area, then finish with a cartridge. each day expand the area you use with the straight. I have over 30 razors of all types-it's enjoyable to choose the type of razor that suits your...
any cop movie where the lead has a 'burned out, I don't give a fuck' coolness about them. any movie containing the line "let's do this" or any variation thereof. Gangster movies in which a character finds it hysterically funny retelling war stories featuring violent acts. Movies where a thug points a gun turned on it's side. Any movie about someone who is autistic/retarded. Criminals who come out of retirement for one final 'score of a lifetime'
I have several pairs of 337 and 348's and the 348's are all a half size down.
I would do 4, 5 and 9. A couple of nice sport shirts and a summer dress shirt. the blue end-on-end is beautiful and though I don't know you i would guess you already have something close to it.
i wouldn't say that. if they didn't sublet the penalty box they could've won easily. they have to win game three, obviously.
I used to dip two cans of copenhagen per day. quit a few times, then always went back 'just this weekend'. On a visit to the dentist, he swabbed my mouth and told me it was full of precancerous cells. So, I had to quit cold turkey. no 'one last mega dip' Bought some nicorette though it just made me want to dip more. One thing that helped me quit in the past was moving to a new place. I know it's extreme, but in a new environment i had could fight the urge much...
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