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i read something where the producers want to cast Channing Tatum in the lead...what a joke
several years ago i saw i guy in an IROC-Z whose plate read IROC-U
^ i also have the 649's and can tell you they aren't them. I would think, with common sense, if Persol made the frames in NxNW, they would realize they would be back in demand and re-issue them. I am sticking by my original statement and say they are from Pinton-or something else that hasn't been mentioned thus far.
i have the moscot frame in question-the lemtosh in blonde. it is not the even close to the pair in NxNw. even though they are great frames and i am very pleased with them
they look like they are from Francois Pinton
I dipped 1-2 cans of copenhagen for roughly 20 years. Roughly 3 years ago an oral exam by the dentist told me it was time to stop asap, so i did. though many deem it unsightly, I enjoyed it immensely. If it weren't for the health risks, I would jump back in.
Was the razor honed and shave ready when you received it? Beard prep-mentioned previously-is very important. always hydrate your face and maybe add a touch of water to your soap/cream between passes. Always keep your skin taught as you shave. Maybe just start with your cheek area, then finish with a cartridge. each day expand the area you use with the straight. I have over 30 razors of all types-it's enjoyable to choose the type of razor that suits your...
any cop movie where the lead has a 'burned out, I don't give a fuck' coolness about them. any movie containing the line "let's do this" or any variation thereof. Gangster movies in which a character finds it hysterically funny retelling war stories featuring violent acts. Movies where a thug points a gun turned on it's side. Any movie about someone who is autistic/retarded. Criminals who come out of retirement for one final 'score of a lifetime'
I have several pairs of 337 and 348's and the 348's are all a half size down.
I would do 4, 5 and 9. A couple of nice sport shirts and a summer dress shirt. the blue end-on-end is beautiful and though I don't know you i would guess you already have something close to it.
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