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i am defending him only to receive 5% off my next pair of pajama bottoms at the next sample sale.
Hey Manton, the length of this thread amuses me. For better or worse, I thank you for posting photos of a jacket from a tailor i have not used, but am interested in. For those of you who have the balls to post your commissions from rubinacci/chan/et al, please do not let the snark discourage you. it is a great opportunity to see what you may or may not like, and frankly, it's the one of the only reasons to tune here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steeze What the hell do you call Drew gooden's suit? "Hello Mr. Bond. I am Dr. No."
Bill Duke in American Gigolo
A big +1 regarding Mina. I purchased a shirt and a couple of Capelli ties and am quite happy with them. I ordered a jacket and another shirt this past weekend, and will probably order another jacket in a fall weight. She had several jackets for delivery this trip that looked very nice-especially a blue and white plaid which may be in the pipeline for next summer. Mina is a pleasure to deal with. She is also very consistent-she is here every four to five weeks. She...
don't waste your time(or money) bought some shirts 3 years ago when i was there (embassy tailors, bangkok) and i tossed them quickly. fabric and fit were not so hot (collar stays sewn into the collars) and I tossed them after a few wearings. would not even consider it unless afforded the opportunity for a fitting. even then, i would pass
i understand people make mistakes. however, it's the last out-everyone from players to umps are-or should be on it. I can't understand how this guy blew such an obvious call. i do hope the league takes notice of screw ups like this guy and don't put them on post season crews
i read something where the producers want to cast Channing Tatum in the lead...what a joke
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