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Dizzy's Club Coca Cola is one of the best.
i actually do. Two sweatshirts-one half zip, the other full zip-without any logo. I must say I am happy with them though since i wear big&tall my options are very limited.
Was looking forward to this but was really disappointed. Writing and casting was below average, every cliche was on display and would have never guessed Scorcese had anything to do with this upon viewing. the only reason I kept watching was for the wardrobe. reminds of the story of what almost became of The Godfather-a made for t.v. quality release with Ernest Borgnine cast as Vito Corleone.
I recently picked up a pair in the with the waxed cotton uppers. they do run big. i would suggest an 11 which would give you plenty of room for a thick sock. No experience on the ice yet.
not sure if this has been posted-there is a Borrelli sale (suits, shirts and ties) from 9/20-26 14 E 60th, ste. 200
yes he is.
I just purchased the LL Bean Signature Maine waxed cotton hunting boots. the tongue is not free, so there won't be any trouble if i step off a curb into a puddle of slush. at $129 they are a good buy. they do run a full size large, though
i will pay top dollar for this and drink it wearing my russian reindeer mto shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cayne-Abel I suspect that even Carl himself would disagree with most of that characterization. I was in his shop a couple of weeks prior, true. I came in at 5 pm, hoping to be out of there before six. Carl was taking care of other customers and couldn't get to me right away. At 5:45, i apologietically told him that I had to leave for dinner, but that he should keep my measurments on file. Shortly after, I was referred...
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