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fabric looks great. any chance for a close up?
wow. great ties!
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit thats crazy, they do have it. They also have Tere De Hermes for crazy cheap. i have a 3.3 oz bottle (and box) that was used twice which i would sell for $55 bucks plus shipping if anyone wants it.
Manton, did Luigi mention if/when he plans on returning to New York?
at the moment I'm having one made by paul winston. it is a green tweed with a light green and rust windowpane. the cloth is a 24oz from the Hardy alsport. it will be done in a raglan falling just below the knee. they made a shell from remnant cloth lying around to give me an idea of what it would look like, making some changes along the way and more important, allowing me to see if i wanted to change the design at the last moment. hope to get it around xmas.
can't go wrong with Geneva.
can't you just order from Rochester online? if they don't have anything you like custom is the only viable option
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis Agreed. Definitely not that special... and price is kinda insane I go for Epic Burger > 5guys. Also agree with the in-n-out burgers > 5guys... too bad the closest in-n-out is 1000 miles away Seriously 5guys? five trillion options for what you want on a burger but no option for a wheat bun? lame
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