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when it's really hot and humid and i am much more miserable then when it's cold. Having four seasons let's me appreciate what the best of each season can offer.
Bonfire of the Vanities if you have nothing better to do.
337 is a touch longer than the 341 as well
just received a note from them stating they are opening next saturday at 600 madison ave.
john kapelos xander berkley sydney greenstreet burt young
peak lapels on SB jackets.
i have both and though i didn't notice much difference in width, the length is slightly shorter.
except for deion branch and wes welker-his two main targets anyway, yeah. he won't be awarded any more mvp's until he cuts that damn hair.
per se. 1500 bucks for 3 people
took delivery today of royal water from walgreens. everything is up to snuff.
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