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i have a size 14 and i wouldn't do mto on any shoe without first knowing if the last works for my particular foot.
Love the second watch-the seamaster. it looks as if it is discontinued. anyone know where one is for sale?
was there today. bought three pair of pants and she gave them to me for 225. also had some nice hats on sale.
Where is Mina staying this time?
in the bags, in the boxes, stacked on shelves and the floor of two closets. no more shoes for me.
I was a 14 shoe/15 sneaker at age 15. Luckily, I didn't grow any larger. Your body will probably catch up with your feet.
I have, after a jacket or two, expressed to Mina that i like an easier fit in my coat. My first order was a tobacco colored linen and wool number that needed the sleeves lengthened a bit. I gave it back to her to adjust the length and when it came back I found she recut the sleeves and chest to give me the extra room i prefer. She did this without me hinting, let alone asking. I also had a pair of trousers made and-due to the way some Neapolitan pants seem to be...
thanks for the replies so far. Gonna do Kruger and a shark dive for sure, we shall see what my gal has planned for the rest.
Laws of Gravity. Stars the late Peter Greene and Edie Falco. Shot in '92 (?) in Greenpoint/Red Hook. Small time hoods live life ala Mean Streets. Worth it just to see the hood back then. I believe the budget was 38k. not available on dvd.
Don't have one in cape town yet
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