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No doubt these kids have some insane athletic ability. Unfortunately, I think I'm viewing a few versions of Ronnie Fields 2.0
The only reason I would put rodman on James is because he was stronger than Jordan or pippen.
No doubt-never once questioned his ability, toughness, etc. off the court, the idiot tag has been hung on him on more than several occasions
I would alternate pippen and Jordan on wade. Who cares about bosh. If he's going to play 18-20 feet out put who you want on him. Just gotta make sure to keep him off the glass. Rodman has checked magic, bird and even Olajuwon . Motor is nonstop and he gets under your skin. I'd challenge everyone else to make up for his lost boards, a fair trade since he's doing the heavy lifting
It would be very interesting to see how they would contain LeBron-too big and too strong, especially against a team with no beef. I would put Rodman on him the entire series. Rodman, IMHO, would defend LBJ better than any player in the last 25 years. He is still an idiot, though. He made similar comments about Larry Bird in the 80's, backed up by his idiot captain, Isiah
If I were starting a franchise today, I would take Pop over all of them
get 'em bored out...as Micheal Biehn said in Aliens, "only way to be sure" I've had them, tried all the recs-prep h, sitz baths, even had them removed via local-they just kept coming back. Get knocked out and bored out and you wont have any problems again.
I disagree. Heat would beat OKC easily-even easier than last year.OKC has no post presence, just 5 perimeter players which is exactly what the Heat like to see.A spurs/heat matchup would be very intriguing to me-especially a well rested Spurs team. Not sure what would happen.
Honing isn't a big deal. For less than the cost of a packet of cartridges, you can send it out to be done, using a second blade (I have over 30) until it is returned. To me, there is a substantial difference in using a blade that can take an edge vs. one that cannot
New Posts  All Forums: