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Nordstrom for those that see the dryer, Paul Stuart for the nicer
I have a dozen NSM shirts and have experienced no shrinkage
^ I agree. Ditto for antiquing. I like them in plain calf and to a lesser extent, a dark brown suede.
Bullet belongs in The Terrible Movies You Hate to Admit You Enjoy thread. ridiculous movie, horrible writing, expect much more from Julien Temple. On the lighter side, I did date the latin girl Rourke couldn't get it up for for a minute in the 90's. She's very nice, btw.
met him a few times, he was a very nice guy. we frequented the same restaurant and the staff said he was an excellent tipper
Bill's Khakis. Buy them with unfinished bottoms, which are a standard 39" inseam
friend of mine has this problem when he sleeps. he takes some toilet paper and puts it into the crack of his ass. he calls it a 'manpon'
though not shocked, i found it unnerving. I've been watching the sopranos reruns on hbo-enjoyably- and noted his weight gain throughout the seasons. was thinking about it today on the subway en route to meeting a friend and when i got out of the station, he hit me with the text about his death.
Ok guys....I'm making my pick-i'm going with the spurs tonight. Now, my big question is, if the Spurs do win, what happens to the Heat next year? Does the team remain essentially the same? does the big three break up? do they add another major component? FWIW, it's all water cooler talk-and good fun, so let's let it rip.
^+1. As great as last nights game was, it still doesnt make up for the four rather uneventful games of this series. As a whole, besides the aforementioned lakers-celtics series, i've enjoyed the mavs-heat series and the spurs-pistons series more.
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