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This shoulder never went away; it's about preference.
Hey Arne,Are you going to post up measurements for the Ring suits?
That sucks bud. Does the DB at least fit?
That's a helpful explanation. The reason i ask is because I think it was @jefferyd who stated that Tom Ford/Zegna had a very good cutter based on his dissection of a TF suit. I was wondering what he meant by that and how that applies to tailoring in general.
This is an interesting discussion (for the most part), and to bring it back to tailoring, how good are the cutters at Brioni, Kiton and Zegna Couture/Tom Ford? Do they also employ the best cutters in Italy?
The presale for the fall sale started today. Prices not marked down yet, but you can basically put items aside until they drop (probably next week, as you said).
The website has a thanksgiving sale that only applies to a few items.For the wider selection (Marlows?), you have to contact an SA. I don't think it's public.
Sale has started: Pre-Sale for our Fall Designer Sale is Tuesday, November 25! The discount will be 30-50% with only a few exceptions.
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