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So a BB 8.5 an 8UK? (half size difference?)
Do you mean after I've paid? By the time I get to step 2, the code discount is applied but not corporate discount.
Hey guys, Looking at some Peal & Co C&J shoes from Brooks in a 'D' width. Are they US 'D' or UK 'D'? You might recall there was a similar issue with Barney's C&J shoes where their shoes were branded 'D', but were actually UK 'D', thus making it a US 'C'. Confusing!
Can somebody confirm that the corporate discount is stacking with the discount code? I tried it with regular-priced Peels, but it's not showing up.
They're new.
Amazing! Thanks for the help!
Or why not check eBay for 42R Roma cuts and see how the shoulders measure on there?
Or just measure the half seam and double it.My understanding is that measuring from the back of the jacket is the best practice. Measuring from the front can give a different result.
Doesn't work on EG or cordovan either, but it's still a great deal.
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