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Ahh, thanks for the clarification.
Hey Greg,What made you guys decide to go for 3' width on your ties? Wouldn't the lapels on the Formosas dictate 3.25 or 3.5?
Dean's a nice a guy. He fitted me in Toronto a few months back and was a great guy to chat with.
I bought the 38R tux from JRD, and it's amazing. At this price, you can get the complete Redford look for under a $1k without compromising on quality. I got a Golden Fleece dress shirt with detachable collar from BB as well as a vest and bow tie for under $500.
Beautiful briefcase.
Awesome stuff. You will be getting a pm from me soon!
Noitced that too. And corp sale is coming up
This is a great SC. And my size too!
Good deal by SF power seller @PocketCircle on a staple pair of Church's (they don't go on sale that often). Hardy fall/winter shoes for the price of an AE: http://www.styleforum.net/t/410571/churchs-enmore-brogues-size-8-5-us-7-5-uk-41-5-eu-new-in-box
New Posts  All Forums: