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Yeah, the sale was 2 weekends ago. They had a rack of suits, SCs, and shirts on the sidewalk.Most stores were having a sidewalk sale that weekend. I thought e prices would continue, but guess not.
They were having a sidewalk sale a few weeks back. It might have been limited time only.
You could go Benjamin, and get great value for money. Or, you can blow away your clients and become partner in two years by wearing Tom Ford. The choice is yours...
It'd be ideal for the tailors to chime in first, but sometimes they're slow to respond. And there are definitely times when a tailor should be the only one to comment on a particular issue.That said, there are some issues that are obvious to non-tailors/anybody with a set of eyes. So there's no harm in commenting on them.I've asked for feedback on the forum before, and some of the most helpful responses were from non-tailors.
Loake's are now $218 Shipped at Robinson's shoes with the code 20OFF.
Not EG news, but Loake's are now $218 Shipped at Robinson's shoes with the code 20OFF.
Have them pay for the damage.
Hey Tom Ford lovers, Is anybody interested in these shoes for $999 CAD flat? That equals $780US for these shoes (sub-ebay pricing): http://www.neimanmarcus.com/TOM-FORD-Austin-Double-Monk-Strap-Leather-Loafer-Grey/prod183600044/p.prod Let me know what size if interested. Thanks
instore or online?
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