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It looks like Caruso, but it's not. I think it's actually newer d'avenza.
Hey Rick, are you guys open in downtown tomorrow? Or if not open, will there be anybody there? Need to pick something up on short notice.
+1 I once tried an Attolini and the silhouette was remarkable.Remember, you're not just paying for handmade details - there are many cheaper options for that. But you're also paying for the work done by some of the best cutters in the business. Kiton, Attolini and Zegna Couture are successful (and expensive) because they look like what a perfect suit should look like.I have one Zegna Couture piece that I bought on heavy discount from the outlet, and the fit and silhouette...
I actually decided to keep them. They're good boots, but with BB AE shoes you might want to remove the poron soles as they make the shoes very tight.
I think Kiton does hand padded lapels. But yes, I think someone said they're semi-machine made, with some excellent handwork. Tom Ford also offers a handmade MTM option for an extra 50% on the price.
Sounding like a broken record, but Harry's outlet has some cheap suede belts (I think the AE ones as well). Their house brand belts are also cheapest and on sale.
Thanks! But how come there's no free shipping for C&J?
I got the black by from SM. Good value, but hope to see a slightly wider belt in the future.
Are you going to post more write ups?
My theory is based on the fact that one of the Paul Stuart shoes on ebay has a sticker under it that says Neiman. If you google Paul Stuart, you'll find that a gentleman by the name of Neiman was a senior exec there. So maybe he's unloading some the wares he got from his time there?
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