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But shouldn't factories run by Isaia and SP be experts at these type of things? It's surprising they would make such a big mistake.
Hey Rick, can you add a "Pick up in-Store" option to your website? Are the flannel trousers in Toronto today by any chance?
How are the trousers on the Washington? High rise or mid rise? Heavily tapered?
Some nice Samuelsohn's in that size!
Proxy update! For Proxy #1 (Grenadine ties), the ties arrive today and will be available this week. I'll contact everybody individually to set up the time/place for pickup. For proxy #2 (squares, additional ties), the items will likely arrive by next week. Will keep you all posted.
My first humble contribution to this thread. NWT Size 38 (wool, cotton, cashmere). 9% rule. Available.
All SCs are an extra $75 off. I got one unlined Canali SC for $125 and one Samuelsohn Cashmere SC for $225. All set for the fall/winter!
Guys, got the Harry's outlet ASAP! Canali cashmere SC for $125!
Hey guys, would a ZZegna corduroy SC be flippantly? It's diffusion, but fall is coming up...
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