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Stopped by and picked up a pair of contemporary chinos. Thanks!
Will do. Will come in today. Also, are those clearance casual trousers (the ones for $14.99) available in-store in Toronto right now?
That SC fits almost perfectly. Is there extra fabric to let out in the sleeves?
So are the contemporary chinos the same as the slim fit in the thigh, or still a bit looser?
Hey guys, are the contemporary fit chinos available in store?
They just have a closed channel sole. Nothing else stands out about them.
Font looks similar to one used by Mabro (they make Prade and Louis Vuitton suits too).
Robinson's shoes still ships to Canada I think.
Amazing guy and great offerings for Loake and Cheaney.
Hey Spoo, Is your store going to sell new items as well? And when are the grooming products coming out?
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