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Hey Patrik,Is there any way you can convince Enzo B to develop a closer fitting/low instep last? Something like the 888 or Simpson?I feel like us low-instep guys are missing out!
Bumping my previous comment. Why did Skoak drop EG?
Serge G. would approve (before dropping ashes from his cigarette onto the cap toe).
Or take it to a professional dry cleaner to get it pressed (don't get it dry cleaned though). If you go this route, make sure you use a reputable dry cleaner that presses by hand.
Nice tie!
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece
My own personal opinion, it's not that great of a shoe. Not very versatile, very fashion forward and corrected grain. It's true that corrected grain is easier to maintain, but wouldn't go as far to say that it's like cordovan. Then again, if it's very cheap, why not?
You can be scammed through paypal if you send the payment as gift/personal. There's no recourse if you do that.
Which ones are the Thomas Mason shirts?
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