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My humble, non-T-Rex contribution. Ethrift (NWT gren, paid up a bit, but not too much). @Purplelabel
Thanks guys, this is very helpful!
Hey guys, Anybody here ever visit the Crockett & Jones factory shop? Can you comment on the experience and traveling there from London? Thanks!
You just missed it! Very cheap prices.
Sorry, but just found out he now works for Breitling. That said, popping into their flagship might get you some answers.
That's a nice jacket. If it helps, I can give you the contact info for the regional manager for Burberry Canada. He might be able to check if they can get a hood/liner.
I don't know about the upgraded fabric (as said above, any upgrade is probably marginal and unnoticeable).Keep in mind that black label always had nice fabrics. I don't see how they could get that much better at the price point.My advice is to save the $1k and get a black label suit.Out of curiosity, what's your suit size and budget?
Another drop. $150CAD for the five ties in the thread plus a NWT Zegna Duo knit tie. That's 6 ties for less than the price of one.
One size left in UK6/US7! Buy now!
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