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Great suit and great buyer. It's a true soft shoulder model. A way better alternative to suit supply la spalla models.
Has it been confirmed that RLPL GG shoes are UK 'D' width? Or is it an educated guess? Seems counterintuitive to sell shoes in the American market with at a C width.
Also, would anybody like to do a handgrade group MTO?
Which brings up an interesting question. Is CJ handgrade comparable to EG in terms of leather, finishing and construction?
Another win for @PocketCircle Amazing Lapels: http://www.styleforum.net/t/415080/ralph-lauren-black-label-blue-wool-two-button-suit-38r-us-48r-eu-new-with-tags Beautiful Summer Piece: http://www.styleforum.net/t/415082/isaia-napoli-blue-wool-two-button-suit-40-408r-us-50-50r-eu-new-with-tags
If you have a low instep, the 348 last might be best. I have a low instep too, and the 348 is snug around the instep.
Hey guys, I noticed that ebay is offering me a 15% off coupon. Is this a time-limited thing?
Maybe low instep causing the creasing?
From my own experience, no. I had a pair of EGs I was going to sell (no pics) and posted about it in the EG forum as an fyi to EG lovers. Stitches deleted my post
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