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Is this new model C&J, Loake or Cheaney? Hard to tell: http://www.ralphlauren.co.uk/product/index.jsp?productId=43235831
It's pretty disappointing. Did you find anything worthwhile?
Forgive the but just wanted to let you guys know that this SC is perfect for the spring. And though tagged a 50L, it actually fits closer to 38R/48R. And looked at those lapels!
I might have to buy one of these...
Hey guys, How is the quality of Sanders? Loake 1880 or C&J Benchgrade quality? Better, worse?
Beautiful stuff!
Nice piece!
The staple 1818s are made in the US. And a large chunk is made in Italy. Either way, if the cuts work for you, they're decent suits.Do have one observation though.40R Milano fits me perfectly in 1818. But I recently tried the Golden Fleece Milano, and it's cut differently. They should have kept the cut consistent between the half canvass and full canvass versions.
1818 suits have been made in Italy for a long time. Made by Lardini.
New Posts  All Forums: