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Does anybody here also wear carmina simpson? Which meermin last is closest? Need low instep and low toe box volume. Thanks!!
Hey guys, swung by the outlet, with only a few things to report. Still had knits at $9.99. Picked up a Zegna mainline brown knit. They now have Church's shoes at the outlet, including one pair of really old stock boots (?) More TF at the outlet, including the suit that was mentioned up top. They also had a couple of TF smoking jackets marked down from $6k (SIZE 40 and 42). The TF suit was 40R in fit Y. And lastly, they had some Samuelsohn suits for $299. Good deal.
Narrow trouser and shorter rise.
Cheaney makes some RL shoes as well, but don't know if those fit the bill.
Was it the quality of the leather? esthetics?
It looks like RLPL has a new maker: Any ideas on the tag?
How are they?
What last do you wear in Carmina?
Nice shoes. Do you know if they're having a sale?
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