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I think baumler has some decent half canvassed pieces. Don't know about strellson.
Old Lardini?
For a carmina GMTO: any interest in a wingtip on Simpson last?
Uber cheap Hallam in 10.5UK. http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/crockett-%26-jones-malton-501965663.html?index=0&q=crockett
That really sucks. Also a good reminder for me never to use personal payment.
Anybody else notice that dollar sank like a brick today? I (luckily) placed an order this morning before the dollar sank two cents. I think it's time to cash out our chips before it keeps dropping.
Hey everybody, Heavily discounted Savile on Farfetch with 20% off comes out to $426 shipped. ( I'm looking at you @Cleav & @alexSF ) Just ordered my first pair of handgrades! (free shipping if you're referred by somebody).
Cheap EG Chelsea on farfetch with 20% off code. Two sizes left. $928 - 20% = $743 (Free shipping if you're referred by somebody).
The Holts sale has completely changed how much I'm willing to for a Drake's tie now. Now even when I see a Drake's for between $70-$100, I still think it's too much.
I would say "V" in yorkville is the most expensive. They have attolini, Kiton, etc...
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