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Ivor is a nice guy. Very helpful with fittings.
Hey guys, Is it possible to order from the shoebank website? That is, if I contact the store directly, will they take credit card info by phone?
Great deal: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Crockett-Jones-Mens-Brown-Crocodile-Alligator-Loafers-Shoes-UK-7-5-/272044394236?hash=item3f571c06fc:g:-h4AAOSw5VFWKQ4P
Based on my experience, yes.
Black label is quite slim.
Awesome boot! GLWS.
Hoping the sizing works out.If anybody wants dibs on it before I return it, let me know. Will sell it to an SF member at cost.
Thanks Bud, do you work at Barneys?
Can you clairfy?
Just ordered the belt! Thanks guys!
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