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Sean Connery.
Has anybody seen the Eton x Eidos collaboration? Thoughts and price point?
Wish you had 8Uk. Have to say, one of the best shoe threads SF has had over the past while.
Hey Shaya, Are you getting a restock of Drakes grenadines this month?
Very helpful chap.
It's an interesting debate. But keep in mind that the union was sealed by both houses of parliament in the Acts of Union, which is an act of self determination.Also important to remember that Labour gets a chunk of its seats from Scotland and that the last two Labour PMs were Scottish. So to argue that you have a government that you didn't vote for also applies to Tory ridings under the Blair and Brown years. But you didn't see a movement to separate England from the Union...
It seems counter intuitive.Also, there's a chance it might violate international law.From wikipedia, referencing Canada's situation:The answer to the second question, which concerned Quebec's right under international law to secede, gave the opinion that the international law on secession was not applicable to the situation of Quebec. The court pointed out that international law "does not specifically grant component parts of sovereign states the legal right to secede...
Nice suit. Might want to take it out a bit at the waist though.
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