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Looks like patent leather in the pic. Also cheaper than other models.
Wow, that copper looks great.
For Black Label suits, yes. $1100 US regular price is crazy. But the Polo suits are cheaper on the UK sites.
That's why I'm asking. The European retailers are making a killing from North American based customers. Was wondering if US retailers would adjust accordingly.
Question for about Carmina retailers. Think they'll reduce their MSRPs in response to stronger dollar?
Strange looking new model: http://www.barneys.com/crockett-%26-jones-plain-toe-balmoral-501315167.html
I'm a big fan of the 348. Although it's an elongated last, it's not comically so. Check out DC wearing the 348:
Good luck with this great venture, David! Might I suggest adding a link to your store as part of your signature?
@NickPollica What's the main difference between Isaia and Eidos? I understand that they're both canvassed, but what explains the $2k (roughly) difference in price. Awesome stuff btw.
If it was a 7.5/8.5 I would have pm'd you on it!
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