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Edit: Nvm
What kind of suit is it?
They get discounted at sale time. EGs go down to about $800 or slightly less. GGs in the $600 range.
Then you're missing out on the EG and GG offerings!Here's a link to @NAMOR comparison of the Sasseti and RLPL Sasseti models.http://www.styleforum.net/t/168002/shoe-damage-report-shoe-p0rn-central-part-ii/13095#post_5610211
That explains why the Sasseti RLPL shoes were so heavily discounted during the last sale.
That's probably Sasseti?
TF is great, but the fabric content is all over the place. Seeing fabrics with high percentages of rayon and viscose.
Dude, link to your ebay page!
Word around town is that Bond will be wearing something peacockish in outerwear for the next movie. Wouldn't be surprised if it was this...
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