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Hey Ezra, You have nice suits. Any options for wider lapels?
I don't think they carry Santos, though I could be wrong. Do you mean Santoni? Because they carry them.
Their shoes are made by Carlos Santos, correct? Might be cheaper to order through Skoak.
Hey everybody, Price drop on these ties. For local pickup, price is $79 CAD All are NWT, except for the last tie, which is NWOT. If you buy two, take an additional $5 off. 1. Tom Ford Knit Ties in 1) Purple and; 2) Red. - Hand made in Italy. - 100% Silk. - 2.8' (7.5cm) wide. 2. NWT Zegna Cashmere Tie in Charcoal and Blue Stripe. - Hand made in Italy. - 65% Cashmere & 35% Silk - 3.15' (8cm) wide 3. NWT Zegna Cashmere Tie in Brown and Blue Stripe. - Hand...
What did you think of the fit?
I'm not sure about the dents either, but the extra leather does look weird. Regarding the leather, do you think they're using cheaper leather?
Cheap shell? Can't tell: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Leather-Brown-Penny-Loafer-Shoes-Size-8-5-D-/142250758552?hash=item211ece5198:g:B04AAOSwvgdW5yR3
Hey guys, This is part two of my high-end tie thread. All ties are in NWT or Mint Condition. Discounts for multiple purchases. Prices below are in US dollars and include shipping, but will deduct shipping for local pickup. Tom Ford - A very rare staple tie. The is the first TF grenadine I've seen that's self tipped. 1. Very rare NWT Tom Ford Solid Black Grenadine. What sets this tie apart from other Tom Ford grenadines? it's self tipped! - 3' width - Handmade in...
Nice! Would look great with brown flannel trousers.
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