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Cordovan will get lighter in sunlight. However, the shell has usually been tanned to the dark colour for a reason: to hide imperfections and blemishes. The lighter colour will reveal these spots. Here's an article from Horween on the subject: [link]
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab Modified does but you will have a bitch of a time getting it fitted. Thank you. Does most Alden stores in the US carry this last? I can't find them here in Norway, but I'm hoping to get over to NY some time this year.
I know I am being a hypocrite here, but here goes: Does Alden carry a last which has more width in the forefoot, and less at the heel? 11D in barrie/trubalance works for me, but I think my true size would be a 10.5 B/E. Would a different last fit better? Modified perhaps?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I do not have a pair of Leather Soul's American Longwing but it is the shoe I really love whenever I see it: These are beautiful. Such an iconic shoe, should've been a stock model. Is there a chance for another run of these?
Quote: Originally Posted by CEE88 ... I remember seeing a video of a jean that was 'finished' by hanging it up outside and someone shot it with buck shot (from $50 to $250, just like that). There's also these brogues from Gieves and Hawkes. People are crazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon I know people get a little miffed by sizing questions here, but I'd appreciate some advice. I have a pair of Alden Longwings on the Barrie last in 10D which fit perfectly. They are calfskin. Until I got orthodics. Now they are a bit tight. Pinch the outside toes a little. And a little straining on the lace up. What's my better option if I want to buy another pair, this time in shell : Going up to a 10E on...
Quote: Originally Posted by arrow Am I the only one that find the commando soles looking a little imbalanced? The heel just looks so clunky compared to the rest of the sole. I would think a double sole, half rubber half leather (like they do on the indy, except with a commando sole instead of the neoprene), would look better. I was thinking of having my cobbler install this on one of my commando soled boots, has anyone else tried this?
It's not much, but my collection currently looks like this: Chromexcel NST, Color #8 LW AF85, AF64, 403
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