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jamesu, That looks to be a J. Crew Timex thats on, I have the same one, but the width is in inches (3/4) and converted it equals 19.05mm. What one do you have on the pictured one?
Here's a link for them, I've scoured the internet and the closest I can find is a 9, looking for an 8
Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 Should post some pics of the cigars.......I swear my black cherry looks the same as the zappos photo for the cigars. They're more of a standard brown than the cherry, the cherry has a burgundy quality to it, but the cigars are straight brown. The pictures on Zappos/Amazon are pretty similar, I think this one shows off the real color, though, as bad as the quality may be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 forgiveness! is the cigar new to zappos - just saw it there.... looks exactly like my black cherry in the pics on zappos.... namaste Must be, I got my cigars from Amazon a few weeks ago because Zappos didn't have them, just the other 3. Also, letting everyone know the chestnut is on sale for $256 at Zappos right now.
What pants are those? It's hard to find well-fitting cargos, and those look great.
As far as sizing goes I wear an 8 in Purcells, a 7 in DBs, and a 7 in Red Wings. I have a narrow heel though, and have heard that some people have a problem with how narrow the GTs are in the heel, so it really depends on what shape your feet are, not your normal size as far as I can tell.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb What is a good DB color for shorts/chinos? I've got a sand pair that goes fairly well with shorts. They're a bit harder to pull off with khaki chinos though, as they're almost the same color, I tend to switch to the taupe for khaki colored chinos. The sand pairs well with khaki/navy/any color short in all reality, though.
Price drop, $50 > $30
Does anyone really like the standard laces? I had a pair of red boot laces lying around and threw those in mine one day to break up all the earth tones I was wearing, and liked how smoothly they laced/unlaced that I went out to Nordstrom and got a black pair like them. Those waxed laces are just a pain to tighter/loosen.
I was at a J. Crew Dist. center clearance store the other day and noticed the some St. James tees there, not sure if they were the Meridien or the Naval II, though. How much are you wanting to spend? I didn't look at the prices, but based on everything else there they were probably between 50 and 75% off, plus I get a 15% student discount. I can see about picking one up next time I'm there, I go to the city it's in fairly often as I have family there.
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