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GET OFF MY LAWN!Seriously, though.
It's been pretty dry around here as of late. Then yesterday happened. Highlight of the day was finding a pair of Larry Mahan ostrich skin roper boots in my size. Pics of the rest of the haul will hopefully happen soon.
Wes, he used the term 'succulent' in one of his listings.Thems is fightin' words, right there.
Not mine, but holy shit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GRAIL-A-Sulka-Co-x-D-avenza-SILK-Smoking-Dinner-Jacket-Sport-Coat-Blazer-MOP-/111286067804?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item19e92aa25c
In what style? Diver, dress, chrono? Automatic/quartz?
My greatest thrift find of all time happened 5 years ago today. She was a little banged up but all she needed was a little love and attention.
Been slammed at work the last week or so. I did manage to pick this up at an estate sale after work today. I'm pretty psyched- I've been after something that could handle light leatherwork/canvas. Also, regarding 38r's WAYAWOADB (what are you actually wearing on a daily basis) posts- here's mine. Levis 514s, BB OCBD, T-Tech Tumi jacket, AE Leeds in shell.
Take it up with eBay. I'm sure if they amended their policies a bit more sellers would be willing to ship internationally. It's not a matter of sellers lacking sophistication.
For a second I thought your post said 'Flat front wool socks' and I was very confused.
Share some pics of the seal skin shoes!
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