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He has been e-mailing me back, but stopped a few days ago. I'm guessing something came up. Then again, I've had e-mails get lost in his inbox before.
Pics and measurements please? Very interested!
PM me on how to pay for #19 please
PM'd on the TaT suit as well.
...or mine? PM also sent
Sleeves definitely aren't too short! Like you said, maybe a little long, but not really. I think Kid mohair is a combo of regular wool and goat (or I guess baby goat seeing as it's "Kid"). Either way, once again, nice suit and yes the texture is awesome!
I camped on Kern by Isabella during a Death Valley motorcycle trip. Pretty cool to be right by the river, but not really any recs other than floating and fishing. Hiking was pretty non-existant, so we made up for it in debauchery. If you can swing it, I would HIGHLY recommend Big Sur over the Kern! Beautiful views of the ocean, swimming holes, hiking, Jade Cove is kind of fun, abalone diving, overall a better time in my opinion! Let me know if you have any questions.
Do you have a pic of it buttoned up? I was going back and forth between the 150s wool and the mohair, I think you sold me on the mohair! Nice suit man!
PM me measurements on Armani/Barney's please! Thanks!
Measurements on the BB1 3r2 and the glen plaid please!
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