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Yeah I actually did take a quick scroll through this thread and found your pictures - the BS replica looks decent. What do you think of my Xavier though, in terms of the overall look and fit? It's kinda off right? I was hoping the Medium would fit; I assumed it would because I'm 5'8" 145ish but it seems to be short in length and too small around the shoulders/chest. About leather jackets in general, I just feel that jackets from RO or MMM look best on slimmer frames. At...
Yeah, perforation kinda kills the leather. Whatever, it's a different look I guess.
How does the Black Scissors match up to the original? S2A re-released its leather jackets permanently, including this jacket in unperforated black leather, so maybe you could find it for cheap. I'm thinking about selling this one to get a size up, but I'm not sure because the cut of the overall jacket doesn't really seem to suit my build. EDIT: I'd like to be able to afford Dior Homme too lol but that's not gonna happen any time soon
Justice x S2A Xavier Granted, S2A isn't very well-reputed for its leathers, but I like this jacket. The design features may be a little busy, but I like the grey perforated leather and the red accents. Definitely not worth the retail price, but I bought this substantially below retail so I'm a happy camper. Unfortunately, it's a little small/short (Size M).
nice gear! wish they were smaller!
Very nice coat. Wish I had the $ to buy lol
I would go insofar as to say that the Monster Turbines are a great selection for around $100. Amazon.com had a sale a few times for the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10s for $99.99 - that's just unbeatable at that price point - I own a pair of those and they're incredible
Trip to the CN Tower dinner overlooking Toronto
I like this one: http://us.burberry.com/store/mens-ac...k-card-holder/ If you can get a good price
Natalie Portman!
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