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Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty WHAT DOES 5'9" ON A GOOD DAY MEAN HEIGHT IS TOTALLY FIXED RAH RAH I'M SO MAD FOR NO REASON..f WJ i think it'd work better with black shoes. But even then, chinos are a different kind of "casual" than a moto. If you had some khaki shirt showing then it'd look more cohesive but then you're wearing a khaki jumpsuit which is a bad look. lol actually, you get shorter as the day progresses because...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol nothing's "done" but i'm not letting this go, haha I expect this jacket to be done by your 10,000th post lol. Consider it your milestone reward from the boys at ToJ haha
Quote: Originally Posted by lyubm well duh i want my commission Seemed a bit pricey though for the second-hand market, but awesome jacket regardless. Show us more lol
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Is it just a coincidence but I could have sworn I saw the exact same Balenciaga jacket on ebay in a size 48 earlier. It would sure seem like it: http://cgi.ebay.com/4K-Balenciaga-le...#ht_683wt_1135
Quote: Originally Posted by lyubm Just to get back on track here is my 5 years old jacket, love it to bits one of my favorites. 2005 Balenciaga, built like a tank, buffalo leather that is also very soft. gets better the more you wear every year That's a sick jacket man, the pockets are kind of high up for a bomber but it blends well with the overall look. The fur looks dope and great fit as well. Very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one This jacket fits you fine (no comment on the actual design of it), but are you tucking your tee shirt in? That is where it all goes wrong. I was just at home wearing a Uniqlo tee that shrunk too much; it wasn't actually tucked in. I'd probably prefer to wear a white tee or white v-neck underneath that jacket, unzipped or half-zipped I guess. Thanks for the advice though. As for the design/quality of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal i know this is going to piss you off and probably get you to flame me, but are you sure thats leather? The grain looks a little too perfect, like those found on pleather jackets or corrected grain shoes. not to mention the sheen doesn't match naturally dyed leathers Yeah man, I'm sure it's leather but I can see where you're coming from. The photos I uploaded are pretty low-resolution and I agree that...
Quote: Originally Posted by kvnknrd The schott jacket is actually from the first production lot"” new old stock, which has the patch as seen & a different (skull) liner as well.. to keep each production limited [ Hopefully S2A did the same to keep yours "unique" ]. There is a 2nd lot in effect now that would ship if you ordered from the website with brown lining, sans patch... albeit i am getting a bit of a discount. I like the patch because like said...
Quote: Originally Posted by stick The skull adds character in the same way the Polo logo adds class. Yeah lol I'm not a big fan
Appreciate the advice man - yeah I'm gonna hold onto it for a bit and see if it maybe stretches a little around the chest but I doubt there's hope for the shoulders lol. This is definitely gonna be a problem when I start lifting again though. Schott perfectos are definitely dope but I'm not sure about the skull patch. I mean, it adds character to the jacket but I dunno, it's not very appealing to me lol
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