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Hey, could you PM me or post the measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty HAHAHAA @ fit. sorry but that has to be the worst... sizing gone terribly wrong dude. that sucks and you look like a tall skinny dude tbh, how much were you actually of thinking of bulking up?? i think this goes to show that always trust the sizing of charly [now drew] wtf are you talking about - he clearly said he went off of charly's recommendations, not drew's anyway charly probably anticipated a...
Quote: Originally Posted by umhaha84 Fuck due to complication with my last landlord. All my shit got lost. Including tojs and everything. Can i still enter the raffle. lol
for real... that thing is terrible. snake put to waste haha
Quote: Originally Posted by CanuckBassist Alright guys, I love this jacket too much to not most post fits. Blacked out hardware, obviously, you can also see if the gunmetal nipples are deal breakers if you're considering one. The inside flap doesn't lay flat for me when the jacket is fully zipped up because my neck is huge. The sleeves are also slightly longer than I asked for, but it's not the end of the world since they sit nicely when I drive or...
that looks strange to me... the designs and detailing look kinda tribal or something and the chest pockets look like breast plates lol. my biggest gripe is the with the shearling (?) hanging out from underneath, looks like pubes lol
on second thought, i'm sure you guys will be fine since you know your measurements. besides, you got the approval from Charlie so i'm sure the fit will be spot on. i don't lift too often (too busy) but i guess my shoulders, chest, and arms are wider comparatively speaking so that would really throw off the fit. going to have to ask about that when i order my own TOJ. the shitty thing is that i have a really narrow waist (29 - 30 jeans) and a wider upper body so nothing...
true, you should be okay if you're under 140 lbs then. upload pics when you get it, i gotta save up for my own TOJ in the meantime
Quote: Originally Posted by pfurey I went against Charly's sizing instructions from a 47 to a 46. I hope I don't fuck myself by that 1/2 size... if you're 5'9"+ and 145+, i think you're in trouble lol especially if you lift. i'm about 5'9" and 145 lb and usually wear US36 or EU46 suits/coats and was ecstatic when I found a TOJ 2.2 bomber in stock 46 for a good price. when I tried it on, it was way too tight everywhere (couldn't zip it up even...
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