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You should be doing the video free of charge as a sacrificial offering to the temple lol or maybe even a discount towards your next purchase.If anything, willy cheesesteak should get a free leather
When do we get to see a sample of the ribbed collar CWU45?
Why are you selling all your brand new TOJ gear? Problem with the fit?
Don't listen to these guys Uncontrol, the jacket is terrible; in fact it's so bad I think you might as well just donate it (to me) and get a new one commissioned from the Temple Edit: I'm jelly
Yeah, probably bought a half-size too big. It's a stock 47 but I probably should've went with a 46 (I'm 5'9" 150 lbs). Hopefully I'll be able to bulk up some or it'll go to the B&S.
Blacked out MDR. Sorry for the poor picture quality.
+1don't sell the baseball jacket
Probably an effort to conform with true EU sizing, as to avoid confusion?
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