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I've played a lot of different guitars and pickup configs. So I feel like I can comment.Personally I like HSS on a strat or super strat style guitar. But let me emphasize that a lot of people make the mistake of thinking the H position is gonna sound like a Les Paul or similar. You have to keep in mind that you're still playing on a Fender scale, body woods, bridge, and shape. It's not gonna sound close to a Les Paul or whatever Gibson sound you might have in your...
All day every day.
I have these. The no pocket thing doesn't really bother me. Actually you wouldn't want pockets with these. It would look weird.
You're referring to these?
I had one of these and sold it. Kind of wish I had it back now.
I was talking about shirts.
Aside from the JVM, Marshall hasn't put out anything of real quality in about a decade.
So I guess this company is done making extra smalls?
Are the Outlier socks reasonably thick?
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