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Size: 7 UK Leather: Snuff Suede Sole: Dainite Price: $475 Wears/Condition: BNIB Sizing: I wear a size 8E in Allen edmonds 5 last. I can wear a 7.5 or 8 in Alden Barrie. These fit fine. Just can't afford to keep.
Are people still getting smacked with customs fees pretty hard on these?
Are the jacket length measurements done from the bottom of the collar down or from the top of the collar down?
Supposedly this is a diagram of how Alden's are generally constructed. Looks like they are separate pieces.
Is it possible to peel back the liner, remove the heel pad that's raising it up, and stick the liner back down to protect me?It's not the liner that's bothering me. It's that darn raised bump under it.
Is it really un-advisable to remove the heel liner from Aldens? The raised nature of the heel pad is killing the bottom of my heels even after some break in. I never have this problem with AE and Wolverine. Is it possible to just take out the heel pod and leave in the lining?
Does anyone else find that the raised heel lining in Aldens makes their heel sore after a few hours? Even after some of mine cave in a bit, I can't help but feel like they'd be more comfortable if they were just concave.
Considering I got brand new boots for $400 shipped... I'll be happy to wait.
I scored some Skye 4 boots in snuff suede for $400. Unfortunately since the guy lives in Russia, they have been stuck on USPS "acceptance" in Russian Federation for 6 days. Wondering what's up.
Anyone ever dye their Tricker's sole edge to a darker brown? The whole natural tan look is starting to annoy me. It pops a bit too much.
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