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Got these for just under a hundred. Thought i could make a project. I have other shell shoes but all were new when I bought them. Could someone tell me how they would go about this or point me to a good resource for restoring old shell? From what I've read, these could be easily salvaged.
Scored Tan 1000 Miles for $130 yesterday. Should be a nice addition to the collection.
I think that's the plan. Go for the regular Saphir just for conditioning. Should I go ahead and give them a once over to soften them up or wait until needed?
Just got these cap toes. Terrific fit. How do you go about maintaining these? I don't want to get black polish on the outsole.
I need to figure out my size in the cap toe boot. I am a 7D in 1000 mile boot (fits like a freaking glove). 8D in AE 65 last (a bit tight in the toes) 9.5 Nike free 5.0 I really have no clue after reading countless threads.
Worn about 4 times. I've got too many shirts.
These are getting really hard to find. NIB pairs going for $200 for the last few months. I've tried to keep mine fairly clean. They aren't mint by any means but I've kept them in good shape with only a dozen or so wears.
I regret to say I have never really been a Fender guy. It seems like I love the sounds that other guys get out of them but I myself can't make em sound good. My fingers favor the Marshall and Vox type stuff. It's funny though, some of the best tones I've ever heard live were from a 1x10 Fender Princeton and an old Brownface respectively. I wish I could coax the tones out of those that I've heard from other guys. But alas I cannot. I did really love the Divided by 13...
God bless these guys for starting short sleeve shirts. I'll be ordering the chambray tomorrow. No offense to brands like Rogue Territory and such but $200 for a SS chambray is simply too high for me.
I use mine for ambient rock and circa survive style stuff. Also I tour with a modern praise and worship band sometimes because it pays pretty well and the people are nice to work with.I do have a smaller board that I actually gig with a lot now, it has a drive, a delay and a reverb. But no, I couldn't just go with a single drive pedal at a gig.
New Posts  All Forums: