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Worn about 4 times. I've got too many shirts.
These are getting really hard to find. NIB pairs going for $200 for the last few months. I've tried to keep mine fairly clean. They aren't mint by any means but I've kept them in good shape with only a dozen or so wears.
I regret to say I have never really been a Fender guy. It seems like I love the sounds that other guys get out of them but I myself can't make em sound good. My fingers favor the Marshall and Vox type stuff. It's funny though, some of the best tones I've ever heard live were from a 1x10 Fender Princeton and an old Brownface respectively. I wish I could coax the tones out of those that I've heard from other guys. But alas I cannot. I did really love the Divided by 13...
God bless these guys for starting short sleeve shirts. I'll be ordering the chambray tomorrow. No offense to brands like Rogue Territory and such but $200 for a SS chambray is simply too high for me.
I use mine for ambient rock and circa survive style stuff. Also I tour with a modern praise and worship band sometimes because it pays pretty well and the people are nice to work with.I do have a smaller board that I actually gig with a lot now, it has a drive, a delay and a reverb. But no, I couldn't just go with a single drive pedal at a gig.
I would buy Kobe's if the aftermarket prices weren't so insane. They make flyknits seem cheap.
No but I have heard from people who owned one that it doesn't quite do what the freeze does. IMO I have tried a lot of stuff but nothing is quite like the freeze.There aren't as many "true" tubescreamer clones out there as most people think. Sure, there's probably hundreds that are technically based off of a tubescreamer circuit like the Wampler Paisley drive or the Walrus Voyager. But as far as pedals that are trying to do a classic TS sound there's really only a few...
Sure. I'll run through the signal chain. Goes from right to left.-Empress Comp (I resisted spending the money on this for the longest time because $200 for a compressor seems ridiculous to me, but believe me when I say it's the most versatile one you can buy. It can literally do it all. From Diamond to Keeley to the squishy orange style compressors, you can get all those sounds.-Line 6 M5-JHS Double Barrel (Do they still make these? They're pretty cool. I kind of want...
So this is basically my setup right now. Guitars and pedals tend to change but that's what I mostly use. I have a couple of Les Pauls and a Suhr I like to play with too but the Gretsch stays in there. I find nowadays I'm only using the Tophat when I gig. I have an Axe-FX II now and frankly it's just a better sound in the studio. YMMV but I'm basically done recording with tube amps. Can't beat the live feel though. It's great.
They really are though. I don't get all the love.
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