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Does anyone know what shoes these are that all the Orlebar Brown models are wearing?
I'm trying to decide between some different Dugdale fabrics. Anyone have any experience with the charcoal birdseye 12-13oz (9743) or the dark grey birdseye 13-14oz (9425)? I was also considering the cashmere blends but I think they are too lightweight and not worth 4x the price. I really like the suit fabric in the picture below, but not sure if it'd be closer to the dark grey or the charcoal. Anyone seen any of these Dugdale fabrics in person? The pictures on their...
Looking for size 38 RLPL suits in staple colors single-breasted. Let me know what you have and the price.
What would you call this fabric? A charcoal sharkskin? Could anyone give me anymore details... I love it....
Any advice on ordering a conservative charcoal sharkskin with side tabs from TaT? I need it for a few months of interviewing next winter. I'd want to have a heavy weight fabric that falls nice and doesn't wrinkle. I'm assuming the sharkskin is 100% wool. Also what type of fabric is this in the picture (charcoal sharkskin?)
I'll take it off your hands for you...
Up for sale: (Shipping and Paypal included): Ships Same Day or Next USPS. PRL Khaki's: $35 (Originally ~$100) PRL 2x 16 shirts $35ea Paul Stuart Tie $80 (Originally $135) Paul Stuart Shirt 16.5 $180 (Originally $260) Also, I have two more ties to add that match the PRL shirts well (IMO). $30ea. (Will add better measurements when I get home). (Multi-item discount!!) Verification Ebay: Bertbacharat (100+ Feedback), also I'm a medical student. I take very good care of...
My favorite is Michael Andrews Bespoke. All my shirts and suits are from there (except a RLPL and Zegna). It's all about the fabric you pick though. I always recommend spending a little bit more for the better fabrics.
http://www.woodsofshropshire.co.uk/s...yx-chain-links If interested I found a set that was nearly identical.
Thanks, I guess they are nothing special, but when you lose an ebay auction it's like the fish that got away. I'll keep looking for other options. I don't think the RL ones will be easy to find.
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