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Like new dark navy Burberry duffle coat. Size 42 No blemishes, marks or issues The coat is too large for me now that I don't wear a suit coat everyday. Fantastic winter weather overcoat. New price for this jacket is $1,395.00 https://us.burberry.com/oversized-wool-blend-duffle-coat-p39841951 Will ship CONUS for $25 (this coat is really heavy).
Wish I could make it guys! Moved up to Seattle this summer. Might be time to start a meetup seattle!
I would say absolutely go interview in person. After visiting the campuses and classes of multiple programs I was interested in, I noticed significant differences to the style of instruction which ultimately shaped my decision. In my opinion, If I am spending two years on campus, I want to know for sure that I am completely comfortable in the setting.
Kellogg interview next week. Request says dress professionally. Grey suit or grey trousers with navy sport-coat? Just want to start some conversation on what people think is appropriate.
Price reduced to $115.
Just submitted my first application last night (Kellogg), and submitting three more tonight. Hopefully I will be all through by this time next week. Now its time to hurry up and wait...
Once again, thanks for a great event Gus, and Kevin from John Allan's!
PM'd. Let me know if you get any in midnight color soon.
I recently spoke to MGMAT about this and apparently this is changing very rapidly. MGMAT released a new product in October(?) for studying the Integrated Reasoning section because they were getting feedback that schools had already started using the scores. Possibly more importantly, top consulting firms that have been notorious for asking about GMAT scores, have started asking for IR scores as well (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc...). I have never had any experience with...
Mike, The most important tip I got was to write down the type of CR question immediately on my scratch paper. This actually applies to quant questions as well, so you don't solve for the opposite answer (negative instead of positive, etc). On CR it made sure I was thinking about what I needed to do while reading the question. You know what kind of question it is in about 4 seconds and then your mind is in the correct state when you are reading the stem. With CR i...
New Posts  All Forums: