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How should I size them then? +1 or 2 from my normal PS size? Thanks for the help
Thanks, they don't have the MIJ raws in my size (28" waist) do you know any other online suppliers I could look at?
Luisaviaroma have a pair of 19cm's called "Nostalgy brut denim" - does anyone know if these are raws? I'm sure I have read on here that dior jeans don't fade as much as APC (which I already own) and I'm after a pair of raws with minimal fades
Do the "Noir" Petit standards need to be sized the same as normal PS or will they not stretch as much? Also I am guessing they are overdyed - is that right?
Bump Not sure if going down 3 sizes is right... size 25 sounds too small, even for someone with a 28" waist.
I think if I was to get another pair of PS I would size up one as they are tight in the calves and don't stack that well (I think the inseams too short - I have a pair of size 26 and 32" legs...) I have a 28" waist and want a slim cut - just not as tight as my PS, would going to a size 25 for NS be right?
Should I take the same size in NS as I have in PS - and does anyone know the increase in inseam length for sizing up one?
Not tring to cause shit in the thread - but I'm a 28" waist too and buying jeans is a nightmare. The majority of 28" Jeans I have tried either fit like a 30" waist from the start, or stretch to a 30" waist after a few wears. APC are the best I have tried, but I am planning to try a few dior pairs soon. Other than those nothing has worked for me, so I agree with nineohtoo that more options would be nice.
Drew - do you know of any designers that use the French leather for gloves? Living in the UK I wear gloves daily for like 4 months a year and they always end up looking like shit Looking to get a nicer pair to go with my navy TOJ peacoat. Also, lots of ideas have been mentioned here in the past few days – but I’m sure you have ideas you’re already considering or looking in to. Any chance of hearing some of your ideas for the new collection?
Would love to see a TOJ trench I'd also like to see new bags, a return of the wallets and maybe even some leather gloves?
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