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these are sold...currently sitting on my face
yes i am a US resident not brazilian, english, or german
good deal for HM65 with i7 and 6GB. The only thing this is missing it a 5.0 mp camera and a blu-ray drive and/or a SSD
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog why would any seller take you up on that proposition? that's like saying "ill take the transmission and body frame of your car, but you can keep everything else" that pretty much forces the seller to part out each and every individual piece thereafter, which is way too much of a hassle. just a stick (or two) of ram and hdd; not that many pieces. get an enclosure for <$20 and you have a 160gb usb...
pictures available? why not just post them? tons of free hosting sites
i'll take it for $100 shipped, you can keep the RAM and HDD. i just want the logic board and unibody
$40 shipped for the AM3
nice phone. i've got the HTC Surround. WP7 is pretty cool, and it's damn fast.
my prescription is -4.00 in both eyes can you put Rx lens in for me and i'll pp you the money?
$70 shipped CONUS for your one-wash jeans. let me know. thanks
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